Friday, November 25, 2011

We Day 2011

Oh my. I remember about 3 days before We Day people on facebook were talking about how "I can't wait for We Day" also other people were asking "man I wish I could go to We Day". I was lucky enough to get chosen to go to We Day with 29 other students from Sargent Park. On Noverber 23, 2011 I remember getting up so happy to go to We Day it was unbelievable. When I got to the MTS Centre it was crowded with 16,000 people!! Let me say that again 16,000 people that got inspired by the movement. We Day is more than just one day of celebration and inspiration. We Day is the movement of our time a movement of young people leading local and global change. It also about Free The Children. The speakers who were there that got me inspired to take action was Mia Farrow, Chief Shawn Atleo, Al Gore, Rick Hansen, Hannah Taylor ,Keilburger's Robin Wiszonwaty Michel Chikwanine and even Spencer West. Each and every one of them had very moving speeches. People think that kids can't be the change... But we all realized is that was can't say I won't, or it can never happen we have to start saying I will or even i will try. We have to REDEFINE POSSIBLE that is the big thing about what Spencer West talked about. Nothing is impossible if you TRY. Today we are the generation that is going to stop poverty, that is going to stop the lack of education, health care and much MUCH more. Today we are the change. One speaker who spoke out to me with no words what so ever was Michel Chikwanine. His speech was so moving Icried in the inside. He talked about how he was silenced from speaking his mind. So on November 30, 2011 I'm going to take part of " Vow Of (Silence) " being silence for those who are still silenced and who were silenced. We have to be silence for a whole 24 hours then when time is up BE LOUD and PROUD!! Another speaker who caught my ear was Rick Hansen, winner of 19 international wheelchair marathons and an activist for those with spinal cord injuries. Mr. Hansen is known for his " Man in Motion" which started in 1985, when he wheeled through 35 countries. Rick Hansen's message was that anything is possible no matter what happens Lastly Spencer West had a moving message, that was " hold your own, know your name and go your own way". Also to redefine possible.. My time at we day was so much fun, I learned alot. Everything i learned im going to take back to school and tell everyone went We Day is and how you can Free the Childern also ways to be the change.

Vow of Silence!

P.S i have more pictures but its on my blackberry!

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