Wednesday, November 16, 2011

daphne's (textbook) scribepost

(textbook pages 128-129)

a.) this diagram represents 112% (in total, there are 112 squares shaded)
b.) this diagram represents 0.2% (there are 2 squares shaded in one square that is divided by 10, therefore it is 0.2% or 2/10 ->two tenths)
c.) this diagram represents 85.33% or 85 and 1/3 (85 squares are shaded AND one square that is divided by three has 2 squares shaded [1/3] therefore it is 85.33%)

a.) this diagram represents 0.3% or 1/3 (one square is divided by 10 and 3 are shaded, therefore it is 0.3%)
b.) this diagram represents 125.5% or 125 1/2 (125 squares are shaded and one square divided by 2, and 1/2 is shaded)
c.) this diagram represents 282% (there are 2 hundred grids, and one grid with 82 squares shaded, therefore this diagram represents 282%)

How many hundred grids are needed to show each of the following percents.
a.) 300% - you will need 3 grids (one grid contains one hundred, 100x3=300)
b.) 466% - you will need 5 grids (one grid contains one hundred, 100x4=400.. but you still have "66" left, so you will need 5 grids)
c.) 1200% - you will need 12 grids (one grid contains one hundred, 100x12=1200)

The land area of Alberta is about 113%
of the land area of Saskatchewan. Use
hundred grids to show how the land area
of Alberta compares with the land area of
Alberta would have 113% and Saskatchewan would have 100%

here is a link to a VIDEO about percentages in hundred grids :)
here is also a link to a WEBSITE about percentages.


  1. Good job Daphne! I really liked how you explained your answers clearly and even put on a game and a video! It made me understand much better. Maybe you have added some colours to your font? But other than that, keep it up! (=

  2. Great job Daphne! Your scribe post really helped me a lot...I like how you explianed your answers above the pictures,They helped me understand even more. Mr. Harbek said that, to pick different question from the textbook (#4 and 5 are the same)but that's ok :). Next time you could've put video and a link(if there is a video and a link..maybe i didn't see it, but i checked 3x and i didn't really see it.) anyways,... You did a Awesome job! :)

  3. Great Job, Daphne! I liked your pictures, to show more details. Also, you picked a good link, anyone who would have clicked on it would understand grids and percentages, it was very helpful. I couldn't help but notice, was your media a classroom-question type of video? If so, that's great! I found it helpful because you could have had made a mistake that that student had and corrected it. Lastly, try and use different colors, fonts or sizes to divide sections of your blog. Also, for 4c) Did you mean that 1 square was shaded or 2 squares weren't shaded? You did an amazing job, and thank you for the help.

  4. Great job I liked how you explained your answers and the video helped me. next time you should make important words bold or in colour so they stand out. But it was a good post Daphne.

  5. Good Job Daphne!! :)
    This was a very good post. I really like how you added pictures from the book to explain the answers. I really like how you wrote how many squares should be coloured in your answers. I also like how you show how to get the percents. Overall you've done great job and Keep UP the Good Work :)

  6. Good job Daphne! I liked how you had pictures that were from the math textbook and I also liked how you answered the questions, even with an explanation in the end of your answers. But I think you got 5 a) wrong because I got 3/8 % and because the square was not divided into ten, but into eight and three were shaded. Next time you should also add color to some of your words or make some words bold. Overall, you did a great job ! (:

  7. Good Job Daphne. I like your explanation, pictures. I like how you show how to get the percents. Next time you should add colours. Anyway Great Job!

  8. Good Job Daphne. I like that you added pictures on here from your math textbook. You also picked a good link and website. Keep up the good work.

  9. Good job Daphne i like how you added a picture its really nice and i like the website and the video its really helpful and i am sorry that i did question 4 i like how i could understand your question really easily Awesome job keep it up :)

  10. Daphne! Fantastic Job. I liked how you had picture from the text book and answered them clearly. I also liked that you explained each questions carefully. If you're doing another scribe post next time, you should put colors and make IMPORTANT words bold. Overall, your post is AMAZING.

  11. thanks Daph!helped me catch up with the lesson i missed the other day. . though im still a little bit confused in number 11 (im slow) but over all,it was GREAT!:D

  12. Good Job Daphne. I like how that you put the pictures from the Your video was really helpful and the link was fun . keep up the good work. GOOD JOB DAPHNE :)

  13. Great Job Daphne I like how you added pictures from the book to show us which question youre doing and also how you labled the questions a.) b.) c.) etc... I also like the video you posted up. Overall I think you did pretty well.

  14. Great job Daphne!! Just by looking at your scribe post, I could tell everything was straight forward and straight to the point. However, it would have been even better making it in bold or putting in different colours. When I actually read your scribe post, my assumptions that it was pretty straight to the point were right, which I absolutely loved. It was easy to understand yet short and sweet. This scribe post was almost near perfect, if not, pretty close to it. Keep up the great work! :D

  15. Goodjob Daphne! your post was in the flow, it looked like you read it over before you published it to the blog! if ever you got a chance to bold out your words and also change the color of the fonts in your post. your work also helped me with the corrections I made with my math work so goodjob, and keep it up! (=

  16. Great job Daphne! I liked how you explained everything. Your work is also so neat. I think you should use more colour, everything else is awesome!

  17. Way to go Daphne :) You did a great job explaining things. Next time u should use colour so it will be more interesting to us. Overall great job.

  18. Good job Daphne,
    I liked how you had lots of pictures and information about the topic. You could have put colour onto the important words to attract the viewers.
    great job

  19. good job Daphne, the post had a lot of the answer and you showed pictures, video and a link, but next time make the words bigger or make it pop out!

  20. Good job Daphne keep up the good work

  21. Awesome post Daphne. It's good how you explained everything and used lots of pictures which really helped me understand your post better. Something I think you could do to make your post better is you could change the color or make the font bigger to give it a little more pizzazz. Keep up the good work.