Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Norien's Homework Booklet Scribe Post (5, 7, 8)

5. The commision for the sale of a house was 6 3/4% (6.75%). If the house sold for $345 000, how much was your commision ?

I started off with 100 and then divided it by 10, which I divided by 2 to get the '5' for the 6.75%. After that, I went back to the 100 and divided it by 100 to get 1, which I would later add to the 5 I got before. Then, I divided 1 by 0.1 and then divided the 0.1 by 7.5 to get 0.75 which is the same as 3/4. I got 0.75 by dividing 3 by 4. After I got all the information I needed, I added the 5, 1, and 0.75 which would all add up to 6.75 or 6 3/4. For the "$" side, I used the same method and added the numbers up and got 23 287.5 or $23 287.50 .

7. Estimate the following answers, then calculate. Show your thinking.
a) Miguel bought a car for $4700. He made a down payment of 19 1/2% (19.5%). How much was the down payment ?

I estimated the 19.5% to 20% and the $4700 to $5000. I started off with 100 and divided it by 5 and got 20. Then I went to the "$" side and divided 5000 by 5 too, and got 1000.

b) About 5.6% of Canadians have Type 2 diabetes. If Canada's population is 32 million, about how many Canadians have this condition ?

I estimated the 5.6% to 5% and the 32 000 000 to 30 000 000. I started off with 100 and divided it by 20 to get 5. Then I went to the "population" side and divided it be 20 too and got 1 500 000.

c) The 4900- seat hockey arena was 63% full. How many people were at the game ?

I estimated the 63% to 60% and the 4900 to 5000. I started off with 100 and divided it by 5 and got 20, which I multiplied by 3 to get 6. Then I went to the "seats" side and divided 5000 by 5 to get 1000, then I multiplied that by 3 and got 3000.

*There can be other possible estimations

8. The Nile River is about 209% the length of the Yukon River. If the Yukon River is 3168 km, how long is the Nile River (to the nearest km) ? Show your work.

I started off with 100 and multiplied it by 2 to get 200 for the 209 %. Then I divided 100 by 100 to get 1, which I multiplied by 9 to get 9 for the 209%. On the other side (km) I did the same thing and then added 6336 and 285.12 together and I got 6621.12 km, but the question said to round it to the nearest km. So, since the number after the decimal is a 1, I don't make the number higher therefore keeping it the same. So the answer is 6621 km.

Here is a video that will hopefully help you with finding percents.

Here is a LINK to a "finding a percent" game. Enjoy ! (:


  1. Norien way to go girl! I like how you wrote out the questions. Also how you explianed how you got your answer i like that very much. Your pictures are really great because its big and very easy to read. Your video is also good. Thanks!

  2. Good job Norien! I really liked how instead of using images from google, you made the pictures yourself and even explained how you got your answer for each one. I also liked how you boxed out the important information in the T-Chart so we know what you did and understand it better. For example, on number 8, I didn't know why you didn't add 100, 1, and 9, but since you boxed in the numbers, I understood that you were supposed to find 209, not 210. I liked how you added colour to your font and also the video which I found helpful because now I could play on mangahigh and use that trick too! The game was a little confusing at first, but after I read it a couple of times, I let out an "Ohhhhhh!" One thing that I would just have to say is that on number 7 since it says estimate and calculate, I noticed you only estimated. Maybe next time you should show the real answer too. But overall, I think Norien Reyes did a spectacular job! Keep it up! (:

  3. Great Job, Norien! I liked how your pictures were simple to show your explanation more accurate. I also liked how you used bold and different colors to organize (seperate) your paragraphs. I noticed that the video was quite large, are you sure it's the smallest size (560x513)? Other than that, the video clearly states out what you have to do, it was very easy to understand what he was trying to say or explain, this video will definitely help me out in the future. I see that you have "estimated" in bold, but what about your calculations? Calculations was the 2nd part after estimating ^^. You did a great job.

  4. Good Job Norien. I really liked how you changed colour for each question and answer, made important words bolder. I also liked that you added pictures to explain the answers more. But in my opinion for 7b, I would estimate it to 6% instead of 5% but that was just for me. But other than that, you did a wonderful fob. Your link is fun to play. Keep up and wonderful job! :)

  5. Hi Norien. Good job on your scribe post. I like how instead of using google pictures and all that instead you made your pictures so great job. You made the pictures and really explained how to do the steps. I like how that you boxed in the answers for each of your pictures. I like how you made different colors, but then you could have made your font a little bigger so some people can see better. I see on number 7 that you only estimate instead of calculate so next time you should put the calculations too. The video and link were great too. It really help to understand the steps and what to do. The way how you answered it was great.

  6. FABULOUS job Reyes! Your scribe post is really UNDERSTANDABLE. I like how you made your own pictures and explained each steps very well. I also liked how you box your answers because if you didnt box it, its confusing so thanks! I like how you added colours, but you should have change the font so you can read it easily. The video and link were good. Your scribe helped us to learn and understand each steps and techniques. GOOD JOb!

  7. Good job norien your answers are really understandable and i like how you added picture to represent your answers and it will help the people to understand how you solved the answer and i like how you putted your answer as a different colour to make it look outst and and your video was ok and the game was fun :) all in all i think you did a good job on your scribe post so good job:)

  8. Good job Norien I like how your scribe post was really easy to understand Also the pictures you added were Really easy to understand overall I think you did a great job

  9. Great job Norien. You explained everything very well. Great choice for a video, except it was a bit large. I don't see some calculations For example, in question 7)b did you state the right answer? I don't seem to see it. I liked how you showed us how you estimated too. Great job Norien!!!

  10. Nice Job Norien. I liked how you have explained, and made your answers understandable. Nice video, but it was a bit too large. By the way, on number seven, you only estimated instead of calculated so next time you should add the calculations too. Overall, you did an awesome job! keep it up! :)

  11. Great Job Norien!! I like how you explain your answer the question. It really helped me. I like the pictures explain a lot and you can understand it. I think you did a Good Job!

  12. great job norien! Your post was really understandable and clear in some parts! I really liked how you boxed the important numbers in the t-chart it was really way more understandable! I also liked how you explained your answer in a different paragraph and you made it into a different color! make sure you show some of your calculations on some parts of the post, because I was just looking through for that answer if I got it right or wrong! but overall goodjob norien! and great job of the choice of video too! keep it up (=

  13. Good job Norien. I liked how you explain your answers in a paragraph and I liked how you you put the question in black then the answer in red that is helpful because if you are looking for the answer you look for the red paragraph. And I liked your video. Great job Norien!