Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Isabel's Textbook Scribe Post ( 3, 9, 13 )

*Guys! Sorry that this post is late but I hope that this scribe will help you :)*

5. Determine the percent of each number. Give your answer to the nearest hundredth:

  • A. 2/5% of 325 is 1.3 but if you estimate it you will get 1. This is how I got the answer:
Divide 100/5 to get 20
Divide 325/5 to get 65
Multiply 20x2 to get 40
Multiply 65x2 to get 130
Divide 40/100 to get 0.4
Divide 130/100 to get 1.3

Another one is by finding the decimal:

Divide 2/5% to get 0.4%. Make 0.4 out of 100. Divide 0.4 and 100 by 100 and you'll get 0.004/1. The last part is where you multiply 0.004 x 325 to get 1.3.

  • B. 15 1/4% of 950 is 144.875 but if you estimate it you will get 144.88. This is how I got the answer:
Divide 100/10 to get 10
Divide 950/10 to get 95
Divide 10/2 to get 5
Divide 95/2 to get 47.5
Divide 5/5 to get 1
Divide 47.5/5 to get 9.5
Divide 1/4 to get 0.25
Divide 9.5/4 to get 144.875

Another way is by finding the decimal:

Divide 15 1/4% and you'll get 15.25. Make 15.25 out if 100. Divide 15.25 and 100 by 100 and you'll get 0.1525/1. The last part is where you have to multiply 0.1525 x 950 to get 144.875.

  • C. 175% of $125.50 is $219.65 but if you estimate it you will get $219.70. This is how I got my answer:
Divide 100/2 to get 50
Divide $125.50/2 to get $62.75
Divide 50/2 to get 25
Divide $62.75/2 to get 31.375

Another way is by finding the answer by decimal:

Divide 175 and 100 by 100 and you'll get 1.75/1. You now multiply 1.75 x $125.50 to get $219.625

9. The highest point in Canada is Mount Logan, which is in Yukon Territory. Mount Logan is 159% as high as the highest point in Alberta, Mount Columbia. The elevation of Mount Columbia is 3747 m. What is the elevation of Mount Logan?

Divide 159 and 100 by 100 and you'll get 1.59/1. You now multiply 1.59 x 3747 and you'll get 5957.73 m.

13. Suppose a real estate agent receives 5% commission on the first $200 000 of a house's selling price, and 6% on the remaining amount.
  • A. What does commission mean?
When I googled the meaning of commission it says: a fee charged by an agent for his/her service in facilitating a transaction, such as buying or selling of securities or real estate. So then, it is a fee that house realtor gets when he/she sold a house.
  • B. If a house sells for $345 000, how much commission does the real estate agent make on sale of the house?
How did I get 145 000? I subtract 345 000 to 200 000 and got 145 000.
To get 6% of the 145 000 you have to first- Divide 100/10 to get 10. Divide the 10/10 to get 1. Multiply the 1x6 to get 6. Divide 145 000/10 to get 14 500. Divide 14 500/10 to get 1450. Multiply 1450x6 to get 8700.

To get 5% from the 200 000 you have to first- Divide 100/10 to get 10. Divide 10/2 to get 5. Divide 200 000/10 to get 20 000. Divide 20 000/2 to get 10 000.

You then have to add 8700+10 000 which is equal to 18 700.

Here is a link that might help you :)

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  1. Hi Isabel I really like your scribe post. but then you should add color and make the font bigger so that I can see it more clearly. ok. So your scribe post is really long at that means you worked really hard. I like the video even thought its short it still helps me a lot. I can see on number 5 you did 2 explanations and that's great. It's also great because you showed the other way the way Mr.Harbeck told us today.
    It's great that you made the question bold. For 13 should should have separate the papers a little because it looks confusing a bit. I like how that you made your pictures instead of getting it from Google. Your link was great too.

  2. Good Job Isabel,
    You had a great post. There was lots of information, pictures, and a good video. You could have made this scribe post better by adding colour and other extra stuff to make important information pop out and to make it look interesting.

  3. Good job Isabel! I liked how you used pictures to make what you were saying more understandable. Your pictures were really accurate, but I would suggest that you should put some colours in your text and bold the question and answer on all of them next time? I also liked how you even typed out your answers. For number 13 maybe you should have separated it a little, but it's really good how you showed all your work on either picture, or when you wrote your explanation. Your link was helpful even though you didn't have a game. Also, I liked your video. The bullets for your answers made it clearer for me to read and it made it looked organized. Keep it up Isabel! (=

  4. Good job Isabel!you did and awesome job.i like how you explained your answer in word and in picture it shows that you know what are u doing and u understand it.I like how you added pictures to every picture because it makes your post more understanding and it will help other people to understand how you got the answer if they did not get explanation using words.I like you show your in two different ways the decimal way and the ratio chart it shows more that you know how to get the answer.I like the video and the link because it seems really helpful and i like how you made your question bold because it really stands out very well .
    I think you made your scribe post very perfect and i think your scribe post was pretty good so good job isabel Keep up the good and awesome work :)

  5. Good job Isabel! I liked how you had pictures that shows what you did for the question. Next time you might want to make some of the pictures a little bit bigger so it's easier to see. I also liked how you had some words/ sentences that were bold, although next time you might want to add color. I liked how you had steps in how you got your answer for each question, I found it really helpful. I also liked both your video and link, it was also really helpful. Next time you might want to remember to make your scribe post on time, but you did a really good job. Keep it up ! (: