Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jairus scribepost textbook

#6 A rectangle has an area of 64m square.

a) Determine the prime factorization of 64

b) Is 64 perfect explain?

Yes, because if you use the basket you get 2 sets of 2 per basket.

c) Draw a square with that area and label its side length.

#11 what is the square of each ot

a) 9- the area of the square is 81

A= lw
A= 9x9
A=81 square

b) 11-area of the square is 121

A=121 square

#12 determine the square for each number?

a) 3- the area

A=9 square

b) 18- the area

A=164 square

15. Evaluate

c)root 625
25- the answer

#16. Determine the value?

c) root 1600


#19. The gym teacher told
to run twice around the prerimeter
of the school gym. The area
of the square field is 28 900 m square. What is the distance they ran?

28 900x4=1156m

#22. The world's largest city squ
are is Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China. It has an area of 396 900m 2.

a) what are the dimen
sion of the square?

630m by 630m

b) If the the square had dimension of 629m by 629, what would be the area?
A=395 641m

c) If the square had an area
less than 394 000m2 and then greater than 386 ooom2 what are all the possible whole dimensions that it
could have?

622m by 622, 623m by

623, 624m by 624, 625m by 625, 626m by 626, 627m by 627

Part two
#1. a2 + b2 = c2
This is saying that the two small legs a and b
equals to c the hypothnuse the longest leg of the triangle.

#2. Solve the the problem

to find the missing side length do this steps:

1. use formula (a2 + b2 = c2)
2. change letters to numbers
3. square the number (ex. 32 - 3x3)
4. Add the squared numbers
5. find the square root of the total

#3. Is it a right triangle

to fin if its not a right triangle do this steps:

1. use formula
2. change letters to numbers
3. square the numbers
4. add the squared numbers
5. ad it again to make sure it correct

Answer NO


  1. Nice job Jairus. I liked how you had either pictures to explain your work or you just explained your work. For 6 a) you forgot to bring down the two 2s. For 6 c) the sides are suppose to be 2x2x2 which would make 8 because 8x8 = 64 and what you did the answer would have been 4x4 = 16. For 12 b) the answer isn't 164 because if you multiply 18 by 18 the answer would be 324. For 15 c) and 16 c) you should explain how you need to find the square root of 625 and 1600 to find the side length becuase what you did in your scribe is that you showed how you checked how the answer was correct (in a way), not how you got 25 or 40. For number 19, I don't get why you multiplied 28 900 by 4 to get the answer. I didn't get the answer for that one but I'm pretty sure the answer isn't suppose to be bigger than the area because your not trying to find the area 4 times, the question asks for the distance in perimeter (around the school field) twice. For 22 b) you forgot to but the "squared" sign after the meter because it's asking for the area. I liked how you had videos about square roots.

  2. Good job Jairus. I like that you made your pictures than finding pictures on Google and your post helped a bit and so did the video but maybe next time you should add colour and what did you mean by lw?

  3. Nice Job Jairus! I liked how you used your own pictures than other images from google and other websites. I would recommend to explain your answers or the way you got the answers so it would make your blog more interesting to read and so you can attract more people to read your blog. Like Norien said, you made a mistake for #6 a. you forgot to bring the two 2's, because they were asking to find the prime factorization of 64. ( It should be 2x2x2x2x2x2 = 64)Also, for #6 c) you drew the picture wrong because it suppose to be (2x2x2)for the sides, it would make it 8 because 8x8 is 64.. For number 12 b) the answer is supposed to be 324=18x18 .. Once again, GOOD JOB!

  4. Good Job Jairus. I like how you explain your answers and change size. The video helped me in some ways. I also like how you put a video about finding the square of phytagorean theorem. But please check your answers for number 6. Like Norien and Tinille said, For 6 a), 8x8 is right, and 4x2 is right also, but in the end, you mixed up. The prime factorization of 64 is suppoed to be 2x2x2x2x2x2. Maybe because you forgot to bring down the 2s. Because of that, it effects the answer for number 6 c), 2x2 is 4 and 4x4 is 16, not 64. You could've put 2x2x2, which is equal to 8, then 8x8 is equal to 64. For 12 b), how did you get 164? Isn't it 324? Because 18x18 = 324. Overall nice job!

  5. Great Job! I liked how you have changed some sizes to make your answer appear more larger, and your video was nice too. But, you need to check your answer for number 6; like Norien, Tinille and Marielle have said, for 6.A) at the beginning you were correct, but you have made some mistakes, you forgot to bring down the two 2's it's suppose to be "2x2x2x2x2x2" as the prime factorization of 64 (at the end). Like Marielle said, if you made a mistake on that, it will affect your answer for 6.C) 2x2=4 and 4x4=16, NOT 64. If you had the right answer for A.) i'm sure that you would also get C.) right, and it would be; 8x8 and that would equal to 64. Also, for 12.B) you maybe made a little mistake, because your answer was 164, and it was suppose to be 324. Because 18 x 18 equals to 324. But you had "164". Next time, you could have also made the "numbers of the question" a little but bigger, just to make it a little more easier for us to find the numbers of the question. But Overall you did a nice job! well done! keep it up!

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  7. Great job, Jairus! I think you forgot another set of 2's in the first question (6,b). So it would be 2x2x2. For question 19) I got a different answer but I don't think mine was right and I think the answer is suppose to be bigger then the first number. I wish you added more colour but it's okay. For question 12b), isn't it 324? Since 18 x 18 is 324. Well this was still a great scribe post!

  8. Good job Jairus! There are little errors in your blogs, but at least you took the time to do it! I liked how you bolded out the important key facts like in question 11 you bolded out "A=81 square", but how about the other answers you got? I liked how you used different size fonts and made your own pictures to show that you did do your work. I think it's awesome how you actually did the blog early, but maybe next time you shouldn't rush so much and make the pictures a little more clear next time? You might also want to consider bringing down the two 2s in 6 a) because without the two 2s, it wouldn't be the right answer and would make 4x4 which =16. The correct answers should have been 2x2x2 which would =8 and squared to be 8x8 = 64. For 12 b) like what Norien had said, the answer isn't 164 because if you multiply 18 by 18 the answer would be 324. I think you should have also have to explain how to find the square root of a number, like 625 and 1600 just to show that you know how to do the work and so others can understand too. Just remember to re check your work after next time because I noticed you didn't put the exponent after your answer because it's about the area. I liked your videos that I found helpful, and even though I couldn't play the game because of a missing plug in, I still would have thought it was good. Try adding in some colour in your fonts to make it eye opening. Overall though, good job and keep it up! =)

  9. Good Job, Jairus! I liked how you created pictures to provide us more information although you could have used the font manager and other tools on paint instead of writing the numbers out by using the mouse.
    #6- You missed out on one 2. Because, 2x2(side length) is only 4 and 4x4 does not give 64 it gives you 16. but 2x2x2=8 and 8x8=64
    I also noticed that you missed out on the multiplication part for the length and width (first step). You put in lw instead of l x w, it sure would help if blogger could have handwriting fonts, don't you think?
    #12b)- 18x18 is not 164, it is 324.
    (18x20= 360
    (18x2= 36
    (20-2= 18
    For number 15 and 16, was it alright for you to just pick one example? Sorry. I was just wondering.
    √28900= 170
    170x170= 28900
    170= ONE side length. perimeter= FOUR side lengths.
    170x4=680. Since it also said that they ran twice around the perimeter of the school gym you multiply that by two.
    680x2=1360 (1360 is the answer)
    I noticed that some sentences were bold, was it because of bloggers mistake? Because I have the same problem.
    You did a good job!