Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paulo's Textbook scribe post


4. One full grid represents 100%. What
percent does each diagram represent?
a) 112% -That's the answer because one graph is out of a hundred right so what I did is that i added the first graph which is 100 then i added 12 more because there was 12 more left in the other graph so that equals to 112.
b) 0.2%-Thats my answer because one of the boxes was zoomed in and the box was divided by ten And two was shaded so its o.2% or two tenths.
c) 85.3 and repeating -That is my answer because there was 85 boxes shaded at the 100 grid and one graph was shaded in and it was divided in to 3 and one of the boxes (in percent is 0.33333....) was shaded so i added those together and i got 85.3 and repeating

6)Represent each percent on a grid.
a) 125%
b) 10 1/2%
c) 0.4%
d) 262%
e) 7/8%
f) 45.6%

7)Represent the percent in each statement
on a grid.

a) Attendance at the fall fair increased
by 3.2% this year.on a grid.What i did is i shaded 3 squares and since there was a decimal i zoom the 4th box and i divided it to 10 squares and shaded 2

b) The average mass of a Singapura cat is
about 0.13% of the mass of a Siberian
tiger.What i did is i zoomed in ont box and divided the box by ten an each one is ten so i shaded one then i estimated the closest 13 square .

c) The length of the Yukon River is about
230% of the length of the Fraser River. what i did is i coloured 2 whole 100 grids that represented 200 then at the 3rd box I coloured 30 boxes that represented 30 then i added it all up or circled the 3 graphs so that is how i did 230.

a) If 200 squares were used instead of
100 squares to represent 100%, how
would you show 0.25%?
50 squares-That is what it will be looking like because in a 100 grid its shaded 25 squares and it ask what about in a 200 grid so what i did is i saw that 100 and 200was doubled so i doubled 25 and i got 50 squares.

b) If 400 squares were used instead of
100 squares to represent 100%, how would you show75%

300 squares-that's what it looks like because what I did is that i know in a 100 grid 75% is 75 squares and they asked what is on a 400 grid so what i did is 100 x 4=400 so i did 75 x 4=300 so that 1s how i got 300.

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Good job Paulo! You explained your answers so that I could understand them more easily. I liked how you used the zoom in technique Mr.Harbeck taught us and you also showed us how you did it. It was very helpful, keep it up! (=

  2. Great job Paulo ! (:
    I like how you had bright colored pictures and the graphs that you colored really stood out and it was also easy to identify. I also liked how you put the questions in different colors, it looks really organized, good thinking. Overall good job, keep it up!

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  4. Great Job Paulo! First of all, I loved how you put the blow-up technique that Mr. Harbeck taught us. You did a fantastic job, from the beginning of your post until the end. Next time you should pick darker color because the lighter ones are kinda hard to see but overall, good job. Keep it up.

  5. Great Job, Paulo! I liked how your 10x10 grid pictures turned out, it was very helpful. Although, I'm not quite sure that we could use a highlighter to color in the grids but at least you shaded it in somehow. Also, I see that you have changed the colors but could you also make words bold or even change the font letters? Overall, you did an amazing job on your scribe post.

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  8. I noticed question 6 part f had a mistake. You only filled in 40 when you're supposed to add another 5 on the next row.. Or am I wrong? Sorry (x

  9. Great Job! I liked how you have explained your point of view very well. It is also nice that you have added images, and videos, they really helped. The 10x10 grid was a great idea, you have added the "zoom in" that mr.harbeck has taught us. Good Job, Keep it up!

  10. Hi Paulo. Good Job. I like how you made yours different colors. but you could have made it a different size. I like that your pictures were from the i think. I also like how you put part 1 and part 2 on and two different videos. I like how you explained your answers. The grid was a good job. GOOD JOB PAULO :)

  11. VERY ACCURATE Paolo!very helpful!images,videos and the way you explained,perfect!i liked it!^_^

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  13. oh you right kim i think i did made a mistake thanks for correcting me :)

  14. Good job Paulo, I like how you wrote the questions also how you added two videos and links I also like how you added pictures of the grid to show us your work overall I think you did a great job.

  15. Great job, Paulo!! Overall, the look of your post was good but I would very much appreciate it if you made some of it bold or different coloured so it would stand out more. When I actually read it, I really loved how the answer came with an explanation but I was a bit confused also due to little to no punctuation and a little because of how you explained some stuff. It was great but if you fixed some of those things, it would have been perfect! Great job, though Paulo!! :D

  16. Goodjob paulo! your scribepost was really great! I liked how you explained how you got you answers on the questions! Your post would look great if you added some color on it to make it stand our for the reader. and you should also check over your work on some questions! overall goodjob Paulo (=

  17. Good job Paulo! I like the wayyou answered the question and explained it very well. It would be even nicer if u bold or change the color of some important words. Overall.. You did an awsome job! (:

  18. Good Job Paulo. I like your explanation. I like that you answered the question very well. But next time add more colours. And I like the pictures. Anyway Great Job!

  19. good job paulo I liked how you put 2 videos and 2 links but next time add colours or make words bold. But good job.

  20. Good job, Paulo! You explained it very well. I liked the videos you used too! You even showed how you would put it on a 100 grid.

  21. Good Job Paulo!!! :)
    I really like how you uses different colour for each section. I like how you added pictures. I also like that you added a video and some websites :) Good Job and keep up the good work :)

  22. Way to go Paulo :) I like your pictures, how you used the colours in different ways! keep up the great work!

  23. Good job Poalo. you did a great post there was pictures videos and lots of information. I could understand it and not onley that it looked cool to.
    great job!

  24. Nice job Paulo, that is a nice post it has the good info which helped me, next time can you make the words bigger.

  25. Good work Paulo! keep up the good work and i like your link!!!!

  26. Good post Paulo. I liked how you had lots of colors and two different videos and many pictures.They helped make it easier to understand. You also had very good links. Something you could do is make the font bigger. thanks for the help.