Sunday, November 27, 2011


I remember waking up at November 23 because Being all exited and happy because i was one of the lucky people to get chosen to we day out all 140 student in grade 8 and only 30 people are going to be chosen .When i was on we day i saw 16,000 people and that was a lot and some of my friends from the other school said that we day is just a concert for me we day is just not a concert its time for the youth like us to make an action in this world and making a difference.when i was in we day i saw a lot of speakers that had a moving speeches like Mia Farrow, Hannah Taylor, Spencer West , Al Gore, Rick Hansen , Craig Kielburger, Marc Keilburger , And many more inspiring people, With their moving speeches it inspired me to take action and make a difference . When i was in we day i remember seeing Micheal Chikwanine . Talking about Vow of silence .Vow of silence is when children all over the world had no right to speak for them self and the cant make their own opinion .Also some of the children in the world have no freedom .Vow of Silence is an event that we cant us text message,twitter , Facebook ,email ,and By not talking for at least 24 hours after this event What Craig told us to BE LOUD AND PROUD . I want to participate in this event because i want to experience how the other children in this world have no rights to speak up for them selves and how other children have no freedom . when i was on we day one of the speakers said there is no we cant, we wont or never it is just HOW . I also know that i should not complain how hard is my life because there is other kids younger than me that has a worst situation than me because they don't have education ,clean water , freedom , and have no right to speak .That is how i realized that i should not complain about my life because my life is nothing compared to other children s life all over the world . And i remember two great speakers Rick Hansen and Spencer West that in their life there is no we can't and we Won't because even if they are still disabled they still achieve lots of thing like Spencer West build schools all over the world like Kenya and he said before that he cant climb the mount Kilimanjaro but this summer he will be climbing it .Also Rick Hanson was disssabled but he still did not give up on his dreams because he joined the Olympics and travel around the world . that's why we should never say we cant we all have to at least try .In this experience i learned lots and lots of things like We can take action ,We an make a diffidence We could help each other ,We can change the world WE are the next generation that will help our world .Our generation could help our community and other lives this event for me is life changing event because it encourage me to help other people that does are in need, to help my school fundraising to a local charity to make this world a better place ,to be a good difference maker to ,and finally this change my life because it made me realize i should make a difference.i will never forget this event because i know it change my life some how and in many different way and it made me realize that making one small action or one act of kindness could be a big difference in some ones life.Like what the Keilburgers brother said this is the power WE .I promise to take action and never give up.

Thanks to MR.Harbeck ,Mrs Lee ,Mrs Wilson, and Mr Potter
With out you guy i wont get to experience this life changing event that change our life so i would like to say thank you

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