Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jason's Pay it Forward

Part 1
"Pay It Forward" is a movie that all grade eights had to watch. In this movie, a boy named Trevor had to come up with a way to make a difference in the world for a social studies project he had to do for school. For his project, he had an idea that was more unique than all the others. he came up with a system called "Pay It Forward". Pay it forw
ard is when you do an act of kindness for someone, and that person does the act of kindness to 3 more people, then that causes a chain reaction. Meaning that it all starts with one person.

Part 2
For my act of kindness my friend Riley and I baked cookies and rice crispies for fire fighters. I chose to do this because they are always busy helping people so I thought they would appreciate it if they got a brake. I helped the fire fighter by giving them a brake. I did my act of kindness on November 13, 2011

Part 3
I thought that my act of kindness went good because they seemed really happy when we gave them the cookies and rise crispies. What happened was

we came there on November 13 and called down the whole crew down to listen to what we ha
d to say. After that we gave them the cookies. They were really nice so they gave is a tour of the fire station. I felt really good knowing that we made a difference because we knew by doing so it would make a bigger difference. the fire fighters reacted with satisfaction and generosity.

Part 4

The idea of "Pay it Forward" is very important because it is showing that even you can make a difference. My act of kindness has made a difference because now the fire fighters will pay it forward by saving the lives of people.

Here are some pictures of my act of kindness.

Me baking cookies

Me making rice crispies

Me giving the speech

A group picture

Me in a fire truck

And don't forget, it starts with you!


  1. Hey Jason. This idea was really original. It's so nice for both of you guys to give the fire fighters a break by baking them cookies. Good for both of you :)

  2. Hi Jason! Awesome job on your Pay it Forward project. I really like the idea of baking for the firefighters. If i was a firemen and a group of kids baked me cookies, i would feel happy knowing that people appreciate what i do. I think that they might have felt the same. I thought that it was really cool how you got the opportunity to sit in a fire truck and how you got the opportunity to see a tour fire station. I also think that it might have taken a lot of effort to bake those cookies, so awesome job on that. Over all I think that your Pay it Forward project was very original and it made a lot of firefighters very happy.

  3. You did a really good job on you pay it forward project! i think it was very kind of you and Riley to make the treats for the firefighters. many people think it is easy to be a firefighter but its not. they risk their lives to save people. Something you could ave done better is to make the font bigger so it can be easier to read and to make the words different colors so it will stand out and catch the readers attention. you also could have made a slideshow video of the pictures you took and put it up on this blog. overall you did a terrific job

  4. Good job Jason ! I think it was a good idea to make treats for firefighters to show how much we appreciate them. It would be better if you you added color to the text of the important statements and words. You should have made a slideshow of all the pictures to make it more appealing. But overall you did a great job !!!!

  5. Great scribe post Jason! I liked how you make the rice crispies for the firefighters and the pictures that you take. Good job Jason and keep up the good work!