Friday, November 11, 2011

Joanna's Pay It Forward

Pay it forward is a title of a movie that we,grade 8's were asked to watch. it is about this kid,Trever,and his history project. His teacher asked all the students to do something out of kindness and not taking something in return,making a difference to the world.Trever's idea was to help 3 other people , a stranger, to be precise and asking that person to do the same to three other people and as this cycle continues, the number of people that did an act of kindness gets larger and larger.

Last weekend, I decided to start doing my act of kindness. Starting with my Aunt. She works day and night and has little time for her children. i volunteered to baby-sit her 8 year old daughter, Kathleen. She and i had the wrong impression the first time we met. And i used this opportunity to build,a more stronger bond with her. I plated with her, read her a bedtime story, helped her with her studies and tucked her in bed.

Sunday morning, I had to leave. when i bid her goodbye, her mother handed me a couple of dollars. Instead of taking it, I just smiled,took her hand with the money and gently pushed it toward her. she insisted but i refused. She asked me how she could repay me for taking care of her daughter. And i said, "Pay It Forward" then walked away. Leaving them the thought of my strange request.

Helping my Aunt was probably the first "sociable" experience here in Canada. I would just usually grab a book and bury myself with it during parties, being able to reach out and help others. . it's wonderful. Just making a person smile and relieved. It's unexplainable.

Pay It Forward. It's a great plan of making the world into a better place. It's not just some project we have to pass or some film we have to remember. It's something we all should do and we shouldn't stop doing it. And who knows, the world may change and it all started to one small action. Paying It Forward.

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