Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cyerra's Pay It Forward

Part 1:

Pay it forward is when you do something nice for someone and instead of them paying you back, you pay it forward, which is doing something nice for another person, creating a pyramid effect. After watching the movie Pay It Forward I have thought a lot about what I wanted to do for my Pay It Forward. At first, I wanted to read stories to sick children at Children's Hospitals, but when I phoned them, they said they didn't allow thirteen year olds to volunteer. So, I spent exactly two hours, by myself, looking for volunteer jobs online, who would allow thirteen year olds to work. After finding a few jobs and making several phone calls, I thought about which one I would want to do. The jobs were a Louie the Lion mascot, a Daycare helper, and a group called Youth Advisory Council at The Millenium Library. Ultimately, I chose to do the Youth Advisory Council. I called them and they were extremely happy that I was joining. They gave me the application forms through e-mail and my first meeting is on Saturday, November 12. They said it's all teenager stuff; we make websites for teenagers, review library books, and different stuff every meeting.

Part 2:

My Pay It Forward act of kindness was volunteering at The Millenium Library in a group called Youth Advisory Council. I chose this activity because it seemed like lots of fun and it involved reading and going to the library which I love. Today, I went to my first meeting and we talked about what we were going to do for the next few meetings and I also volunteered to help organize and help out at a family event. We are also going to help out with the library and organizing the website.

Part 3:

YAC went really well. We brainstormed ideas on what we can do to keep the library in code and volunteered for numerous things. I felt a bit nervous because I was the youngest and only person in Junior High there but they were all very warm and welcoming. They all really liked how I was doing this for school and they liked it even more when I said I was staying for the rest of the meetings. I did not ask them to pay it forward because they are already paying it forward by doing this activities with us.

Part 4:

Pay it forward is important because instead of two people doing good things for each other, you can pass it on and make the world a better place. My act of kindness made a difference because it gets teenagers off the street and getting them to be role models by doing something that is fun and makes you learn at the same time.

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