Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Alexia's Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

Part 1: Pay it Forward is an amazing movie that we Grade 8's watched. Pay it Forward is about this kid named Trevor. Trevor and his classmates had an history assignment to make a big difference in the world and put it toward action. Trevor's idea was to help 3 people and those 3 people will help another 3 people, like a cycle. Instead of getting something in return, Trevor told them to " Pay it Forward ". By paying it forward he made a big difference. It was a big surprise that this little and small idea turned to
be a big hit and by doing this it will make us, people proud of ourselves. Pay it Forward is a type of movie that people should watch and for them to realized how we can spend our lives by giving or sharing what we have to others and by paying it forward.

Part 2: Me and my friend Taylor did an act of kindness by going to Winnipeg harvest and the salvation army. We picked this activity because we know everyone in the world should have food and clothes. We help people how don't have a lot of money or clothes! We have food to Winnipeg harvest like cans of soup and kraft dinner also we went to the salvation army and we have them clothes like jeans,t-shirts, and tank-tops. We did are act of kindness on November,12 2011

I can seem to find my Winnipeg harvest picture, sorry!

Part 3: Are act of kindness went great! What happen at harvest is we went in and we said "we are donating this food" and then we gave it to the lady and she put it in the harvest cart and made us sing a sheet so some time this week we will get a card from Winnipeg harvest saying thank you. Then we took a picture beside the cart and the Winnipeg harvest sing but some how I lost the picture. At the salvation army we went in and saw this girl a the cash register and asked where could we put the clothes she said "right be hide you" we said "thanks" and put the clothes down and went outside to take the picture! I feel wonderful that I made a difference to all these people that are going to have my food and clothes! Winnipeg harvest reacted with all this joy and happiness and the salvation army reacted like whatever people do this everyday. I was not impressed how they reacted. No I didn't ask the people to pay it forward because they are already doing it by working. How did they reacted to my donation. Winnipeg harvest reacted really thankful for are donation and the salvation army didn't act thankful they reacted like whatever I was not pleased with them. I didn't ask them to pay it forward because they are already doing it by working. I'm sure if you didn't have the workers Winnipeg harvest and the salvation army wouldn't be successful.

Part 4: For pay it forward its a good idea because you are helping someone, when that person gets help they realize that if they see someone in need they should help because once they were helped. I hope my act of kindness made a difference and I'm sure it did.


  1. Good job Alexia and taylor, The people without basic needs like food and clothing are going to be really happy because of your kindness.

  2. Good job alexia good job donating The salvation army

  3. Great job Alexia, It's nice to know that you donated clothes and money to the less fortunate.