Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Abby's Percent Scribepost

Math homework book pg. 37

I shaded in my hundred grids like that is because the grid is a hundred grid, and for each percent it would by represented as:

3 colored boxes
46 colored boxes
97 colored boxes

  • my fraction is 1/4 because there's one rectangle shaded in and there are four rectangles
  • the decimal is 0.25 because each rectangle is worth 0.25 also known as 25%
  • the percent is 25% because there are only one rectangle shaded in
  • the fraction is 3/8 because there are three rectangles shaded in and there are eight rectangles
  • the decimal is 0.375 because when you divide the numerator and the denominator together you would get the answer of 0.375
  • the percent is 37.5% because when you change the 3/8 to an equivalent fraction to 300/800 and divide both of those numbers you would get the answer of 37.5%
  • the fraction is 1/2 because theres one half of a circle shaded in and the other half of the circle isnt
  • the decimal is 0.50 because the circle has a whole of one and half on the circle's whole would be 0.50
  • the percent is 50% because half of one hundred is 50
  • the fraction is 4/5 because there are five pieces of pizza and there are four pieces shaded in
  • the decimal is 0.80 because each piece is worth twenty and there are four pieces shaded in so you would get 0.80
  • the percent is 80% because as I said for the decimal each piece is worth twenty, so when you add the other three slices you would have 80% of the pizza shaded in
Math homework book pg. 38

1. To represent a percent greater that 100% you would - - shade more than one hundred grid.
2. To represent a fractional percent greater that 1% you would -- shade squares from a hundred grid to show the whole number and part of one square to show the fraction.
3. To represent a whole number you would - - shade squared on a grid of 100 squares called a hundred grid.
4. To represent a fractional percent between 0% and 1% you would - - shade part of one square on a hundred grid

Question number 5.

a) There are 144 boxes shaded so the percent would be 144%
b) There are 2/3 of a tile shaded so the percent would be 0.7%
c) There are 88 tiles shaded and 8 smaller tiles shaded on 1 box so the percent would be 88.8%


22% of 80=
20% = 16% =
1% =0.8
1% =0.8
1% =0.8 = 1.6
16+ 1.6= 17.6

Here's a video to help you more with percents.

Here's also a link to play a percent game.


  1. Great job Abigail! I like how you actually did the homework and too pictures of what you did. I also liked how in each of your answers, you put how you did it. If you didn't, I would be clueless! Next time maybe add some colours? Other than that, I liked everything, even the link and the video. (:

  2. You did a Great Job Abby! Your scribe post, homework, is really heplful to me. I like how you put your answer below the picture and explianed it. Like Kim said, it could be mean something else if you didnt put it! Next time you could have change the fonts/colors/or size? to make the important words stand out! I like your picture, video, and the link. Overall Great Job!! :)

  3. Hi Abby great job. you did your scribe post very well. The homework booklet you put was really helpful to understand. I like how you put the answer under the picture I also like your pictures, how you got it from the homework booklet. Like what ^ they said it would be hard to understand if you didn't put it. I like how you video and link was helpful too. Next you should change your font and color so it stand out more. GOOD JOB ABBY :)

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  5. Good Job Abby!!! :)
    I really like how you took pictures from our Homework Booklet. I like that you wrote down how you got the answers, I also like how you chose different part of the Homework Booklet and answer it. Although you didn't got to change the colours for the important part of the post, you still did a good job. Keep up the good work :)

  6. Great job, Abby!
    For some reason the game link doesn't work for me but the video made it clear. For number 3, I like how you put in bullets for each explanation, it makes things more organized. Also, for number 3, I found another way for decimals. (This example is for 3a) You could say that 1÷4 (because you're fraction is 1 over four) is 0.25. Then from the decimal you could convert it into a fraction. You could convert a decimal into a fraction by multiplying the decimal by 100, in this case (*= multiplied by) 0.25*100=25. So 25 would be your percentage. Good job, it was a great scribe post.

  7. Good job, Abby ! I liked how you had very clear pictures and how you put the answers, which by the way are all correct (I checked). I also like how you explained how you got the answer. Next time, you might want to add some color or make some important words/ numbers bold. Overall, great job! (:

  8. Great job Abby. Your post is terrific because your pictures are very clear and easy to read, and you explained everything good. Plus, this helped me. Next time if you want, you can add colour and make the more important words stand out more by making them a different colour. Overall, great post.

  9. Great job Abigail. I liked how you had clear pictures. I also like how you actually did the homework and showed how you got the answers. Next time, you can put some colors in to make it more standout and make some important words bold. Amazing job abby.

  10. great job Abby I liked your pictures and the video. and I liked that you put the homework answers. but next time you could put important words in bold or in color. but other than that it was a great post.

  11. Great job Abby it really helped me, I liked how you explain how you get the answers so people can understand it better and this show that you put effort into your work. The game doesn't work, other than that you did a good job

  12. Good job Abby you helped me alot. I like how you made your Scribe post clear, easy to read i can understand it really easy this will help ME A LOT.I like how you putted a lot of effort and i agree with our other classmates that you should add more colour but it does not matter because the important of the scribe post is the info you putted in your post. Awesome job Abigail keep it up:)

  13. Hi. Great Job Abby! I liked how you had a nice explenation, and the pictures made your post even better. But, next time you could maybe add some colours? or maybe put the impostant words in bold? overall, you did an excellent job. Keep it up! :)

  14. Great job Abby, I like how you showed how you got your answers also how you added the homework book pages and I also like how you answered at least one question for each page And I also like the video you posted but the only problem you pretty much had was the video but overall I think you did a great job.

  15. great job i like the explanations of how you got the answer but next time add some more color maybe.

  16. Great Job Abby. I like that you have a great explanation . Next time add some colors. Anyway Good Job!

  17. Awesome Job Abby! I like how you explain how you got the answer and I also like that you add a video and great link! Maybe, you should add some color, so it would be colorful. But I still like your post! Great Job.

  18. Good job, Abigail. You explained your answers for every question very well which helped me out a lot. I think you need to add some colour and I think you made an error in your answer for one of the questions. Everything else is great, good job again!

  19. Nice Post Abby . . the pictures are a bit slanting. . and maybe explain more about how you got the answer. . But it was Great!^_^

  20. B! good job :) i like how you did ur post and how u explained it. But next time i wish my neck didnt hurt when looking at this picture. HAHA !!

  21. Nice post abby, you really explained really well just make the pictures straight, but everything else is well done