Thursday, November 10, 2011

Danilyn's Pay it Forward


Pay it Forward is a movie which we grade 8(s) watched. It was a powerful movie about a boy, a boy named Trevor who was trying to change the world. First, it was just an assignment that his teacher gave him but for Trevor, who takes things seriously took this assignment and got a result of an idea, a fascinating idea. His idea was that if he could change 3 people's lives and if those 3 people pass it on to 3 more other different people (3*3=9 in total). Then if those 9 people pass it on to 3 more other different people (3*9=27 now). Well, the number gets larger. What he was trying to do was to get people in large groups and help our community change, multiplying by 3 people at a time. And it was working, people were getting inspired, especially because of the ending, a very saddening and unexpected ending.

My pay-it-forward act of kindness was raking leaves at my street and with permission, raking other people's lawns. It wasn't hard but as Eugene (Trevor's social studies teacher) said, "Weird, crazy, bummer, hard but how about this, possible. It's possible. The realm of possibilities exists in you, right here *points to brain (your mind)*".
We (we= Patrisha, Danicka, Ayra and me) tried other activities but ended up getting rejected a bunch of times, so we decided to do the most possible act of kindness there is on the suggestion sheet.
I helped some of my fellow neighbors because we couldn't do the whole street, we were in a rush and we couldn't book more free time for any school activities. Most of the people we helped was near our house because that's where we started raking.
I helped clean my street, it was like improving my street's hygiene. We took turns holding the bag, taking pictures, and raking.
We were supposed to do it last night but ended up doing it today in the morning, luckily we had some time, even if it's a little bit. The other time when we tried raking the leaves with Ayra was last Saturday and we didn't get to do that much because at that time, we were very tired and we had things to do on Sunday. You could say that we were in a rush.

It was.. rushed. Our act of kindness got noticed, but not for lots of people. It was fun doing this activity, even if it was short.
We raked leaves in my street to help keep the community clean.
I felt as if, I wasn't working, but instead I felt like I was playing. When you're with three people that could make anyone's day, you could never feel down.
I helped nearby neighbors as I said, we couldn't go far enough to the edge of the street. But only two of my neighbors noticed, probably because they live right beside my house. The friendly neighbor that lived on the left of my house was the first to notice. How she reacted was funny, in my part. She said: "If you want more you could do my front yard", it sounded as if she was using a funny tone, but I'm not clearly sure about that. The second neighbor that reacted lived at the right of my house, she told us that we were hard working.
No, I didn't ask them to pay it forward because I wouldn't know how my speech would go and I'm not a good speech-speaker. Sure, I could ask Ayra, Danicka or Patrisha to tell them but were all the same, very shy.

Paying it forward was an important idea because it helps our fellow members in the community realize that reality for others is not as pathetic as they think their lives are.
Yes, my act of kindness made a difference in the community because I made our surroundings a bit cleaner.

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  1. Great job Danilyn! I think it's great that even though you and you're group were rejected a couple times you still thought of something else to to.