Thursday, November 10, 2011

philip's graph post graph-

advantage-Can easily compare two or three data sets.

disadvantage-you can only use with separate data

double bar graph-

advantage-it puts two subjects side by side.

disadvantage-you can only compare two things

line graph -

advantage-Can easy compare two to three categories

disadvantage-It only works with continuous data.

circle graph-

advantage -It shows percents for each category.

disadvantage-Theirs no exact numerals in this graph.


advantage-Easy to read.

disadvantage-Hard to figure out partial icons.

2.Widen the bar-In a bar graph you can widen a bar so make it stands out more, an example of places where you can see this type is misrepresentions would be on a billboard or on a commercial.

Slap on some colour- Also on a bar graph you can "slap on some colour". Which refers to you giving a preticular bar a bright colour to also making it more noticeable to viewers, an example of locations where you might peer upon this misrepresention would also be on billboards and commercials.

Enlarge a visual- This visual only emplies to the "pictograph". It occurs when the enlarge or
distort a visual to emply that it has the same value as another catagory which is actually a lower amount then its competitor catagory,examples of places you might see these misrepresentation are on billboards and commercials.

2.a) I would prefer to use a line graph and a bar graph. Line graph because it would represent the data set over time which concurs with this data set. bar graph would also be good, but I would really prefer useing a line graph for he it connect to this particular data set.

2.b)If it continues to ascend with profits like this than yes, I would. My graph would show the ascending of quantities sold.

4.I would choose to use the picto graph because it gets more attention.

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