Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tinille's Textbook Scribe Post (4,8,12)

4. Answer the following using mental math.

a. 20% of 60

- To get 20% of 60, I divided 100 to 5 (100/5) and I got 20. I did the same thing to the other one, so I divided 60 to 5 (60/5) and I got 12. The answer for 20% of 60 is 12.

b. 250% of 400

- To get 250% of 400, I multiplied 100 to 2
(100 x 2) and I got 200. I just have to get 50% so, I divided 100 to 2 (100/2) and I got 50. I did the same thing to the other side. I multiplied 400 to 2 ( 400 x 2) and I got 800. Then, I divided 400 to 2 ( 400/2) and I got 200. The answer for 250% of 400 is 10 000 (ten thousand).

c. 10 1/2 % of 100

-To get 10 1/2 % of 100, I divided 100 to 10 (100/10) and I got 10. Then I divided 10
to 10 (10/10) to get 1. After that I divide 1 to 2 (1/2) to get 0.5 . I did the same thing to the other side so, I divided 100 to 10 (100/10) and I got 10. Next, I divided 10 to 10 (10/10) to get 1. Then, I divide 1 to 2 (1/2) to get 0.5 . The answer for 10 1/2% of 100 is 10.5 .

8. The original price of a jacket was $ 84.00. A store manager marked the price down by 25 1/2%. By how much was the price reduced?

One Way:

- To get 25 1/2 of $ 84.00, I divided 100 to 4 (100/4) and I got 25. Then, I divided 25 to 25 (25/25) and I got 1. I just have to find 0.5 so, divided 1 to 2 (1/2) and I got 0.5. I did the same thing to the other side so, I divided $ 84.00 to 4 ($ 84.00/4) and I got $ 21.00. Then, I divided $21.00 to 25 ($21.00/25) and I got $0.84 so, I divided $ 0.84 to 2 ($0.84/2) and I got $ 0.42.The answer for 25 1/2% of $ 84.0
0 is $ 21.42.

Second Way to find 25 1/2 of $ 84.00

-To get 25 1/2 of $ 84.00, I made 25 1/2 to a decimal so its 25.5 out of 100. Then, I divide 25.5 to 100 (25.5/100) and I got 0.255. Then, I did the same thing to 100 so, I divided 100 to 100 (100/100) and I got 1 because all decimals are out of 1. Next, I multiplied 0.255 to $ 84.00 ( 0.255 x $84) and I got $ 21.

2. A manufacturer of electric hybrid vehicles claims its vehicle will travel 200% as far as its regular vehicle on a full tank of gas. If the regular vehicle travels an average of 550 km on a full tank, how far will the hybrid go?

One Way:

- To get 200 % of 550 km, I multiplied 100 to 2 ( 100 x 2) and I got 2oo. Then I did the same
thing to the other side so, I multiplied 550 km to 2 ( 550 km x 2) and I got 1100 km. The
answer for 200% of 550 km is 1100 km.

Second Way:

-To get 200% of 550 km, we have to make it a decimal , so I divided 200/100 and I got 2. Then, I divided 100/100 to get one because all decimals are out of 1. Next is, I multiplied 2 to 550 km
( 2 x 550) and I got 1100 km.

Here's a practice game for you to learn more about percents and to understand more about them!

Sorry I tried to put colours in but i dont now what happened. It didnt work! D:
I hoped my scribe post helped you! :D


  1. Wow, good job Tinille! I liked how you had pictures that explained the questions and how you got them, and not just put the answers down, it was really helpful. I also liked how you had some words bolded, but next time you might also want to put some color so it can "stand out" a little more, but I understand because sometimes the colors don't work on my posts either. I also liked your video and game that you had, I found it very helpful! Good job, again Tinille! Keep it up! (:

  2. Nice Job TINILLE! I liked how you added images for your answers, and have explained it very well. The video and the link that you have added were awesome. The way you added the "boldness" for your font was great, but next time you might want to add a little bit more colour? I agree with Norien's comment, that sometimes even if you added colour, but when you published it, the colour would disappear? Overall, you did an awesome job! Your scribe-post was very helpful, there were some questions that I haven't really understood and you have explained it very well. Keep up the great job!

  3. Awesome Tinille! I liked how your pictures were printed neatly and the pictures show that you understand it well. I also like how some of your words or sentences are bolded but next time you might want to make your fonts more colourful but good job though :)

  4. Hi Tinille. I really like your scribe pos. I like how that you explained it really well and used pictures to do i. I like that you drew the picture instead. The game and video you got was great. It really helped me. Your scribe post was so long that it even made it better. You should bolden the answers for people to know what the answer is.

  5. Hey Tinille great job on the scribe post. I like how you made your post and pictures easy to understand also how you added the questions to let us know what it was. Great Job Tinille

  6. Hi TINILLE MEDINA! :D I liked how you added the pictures that showed your work and how you did it and I found it very helpful because I knew what you were doing more accurately. I liked how you had different sizes to your font and made it bold so it could adjust to the right amount of space around your pictures. I also liked how you coloured the boxes red so that you know what was important on your T-Chart.On number tewlve I noticed that instead of putting down 12, you put 2! But I liked how you had two ways for number 8 and 12. You also changed the colour of your writing for your answer and converted the percents to decimals which I thought was really clever of you. For your video, I liked how it showed not only the multiplying of the decimals, but it also showed the transformation of a fraction, to a percentage, and to a decimal! I also liked your game because instead of having a game where you find a percentage of a number, you found a game where you could find the percentage of a block, or 100%. Overall I think you did a fantastic job! One thing I would just suggest is to put colours (even though I know it wouldn't work) next time. Keep it up! (=

  7. Hi Tinille Great Job on your scribepost. I really like the pictures because there really easy to understand . And I like the video . Buy next time add more colours on your font. Anyway Good Job!

  8. Great job, Tinille! I liked the way you stated the questions then you answered them. I also liked that you shown 2 ways of finding the answer. Your pictures were very,very clear! The game and video were also very helpful, good choices! Did you use Google Chrome. I can't add colour to my text when I'm using Google Chrome, so maybe that might be one reason the colour isn't working. Great job again!!

  9. Good job Tinille i think you did an awesome job on your scribe post because you explained everything so clear and i understand your answers and explanation really easily and i was amazed about your picture because it was neat and organized and it will help other students from our class to understand how you got the answer and how you solved it and i know you had trouble putting colours but it does not matter because your scribe post was PERFECT and i enjoy the link and the video i find it very understandable and all in all i think you did everything 100percent perfect Good job!
    Keep up the good work :)

  10. Great Job Tinille. Your scribe post is understandable. Your pictures are very clear and it helped me. If you used Chrome and it didn't work, maybe you should try Firefox and then try if you can add some colors. The link was actually fun and very helpful. The video was pretty long but they guy explained it slowly so it is helpful to me and to others, Good choice!