Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jairus pay it forward

Part #1. "Pay it forward" is when you do an act of kindness and get nothing back in return and keeps going to person to person.

Part #2.
a) my act of kindness is giving candy with a letter saying "pay it forward" and also explaning what we are doing and what is pay it forward.

b) I chose this activity because I don't have to talk to people and it sounded fun.

c) I help people in the sargent park community.

d) I bought candy and took pictures with my partner Paulo.

e) I did it on Tuesday afternoon.

Part #3.

a) are act of kindness went great.

b) we put the envelops and candy in the mailbox and kept doing it until we finshed all.

c) at first I was nervous, then I started having fun.

d) I don't know

e) yes

f) I don't know

Part #4.

a) I think "pay it forward" is a good idea because it's like the first step helping people in the world, by the small act of kindness to big acts they will help you don't know if they need help just do it with nothing in return.

b) I think it made a diffrence because maybe the people we gave it to might needed a " keep going" kind of thing.

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