Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paulo's graphing post

1) Different kinds graphs .
  • Bar Graph
  • Advantages-Best for comparing data across categories
  • Disadvantages- Disadvantage of a bar graph is
  • Double Bar Graph
  • Advantage-Best comparing two sets of data across categories
  • Disadvantage-
  • Line Graph
  • Advantage-Are best for showing changes over time
  • Disadvantage
  • Circle Graph
  • Advantage -Best for comparing categories to the whole using percents the sum of percent in a circle graph is 100%
  • Disadvantage -
  • Pictograph
  • Advantage- Are best comparing data that can easily counted and represented using symbols
  • Disadvantage-

2) Three ways you could mislead a graph is ...
  • Distorting the Scale
  • Distorting the visuals
  • Changing the size of bars
2a) The following chart shows Pizza Sub Sales over a month. What 2 graphs would show the information accurately?
  • Line graph
  • Bar graph
  • Circle graph

2b) I would probably still keep selling pizza subs because i noticed that every week the sales of the pizza keeps going up and up so i think when i keep selling it its going to be fine . the graph explains my answer because in a line graph it shows data over time and in this data it shows that every week it keeps going up

4a) would choose the line graph because Mrs. Mota will notice that the sales keeps going higher and higher so for sure she will keep the healthy foods keep on going .

4b) How to make the graphs look more impresive

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