Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jason's Graph Post

Different Types of Graphs

Bar Graph
Advantage - Bar graphs are good at comparing data across categories
Disadvantage - Depending on the scale, he exact number could be difficult to identify

Line Graph
Advantage - They are good at showing data over time
Disadvantage - You can only compare rates of your own trends rather than multiple trends

Circle Graph
Advantage - You can compare portions out of a whole
Disadvantage - You have to find the percent of the portion and divide it into the whole

Advantage - It uses symbols to represent data
Disadvantage - The symbols make it hard to determine the data

Double-bar Graph
Advantage - It can compare two sets of data across categories
Disadvantage - it takes to long to construct

Misleading Graphs

One way you can make a graph misleading is by making one of the graphs wider than the other. Another way to make a graph misleading is making a bar a different color than the other ones. You can also make a graph misleading by making one of the bars 3D.

2 a)
Two graphs that would show this data accurately are line graphs or bar graphs. A line graph would be good because it is good at showing data over time. A bar graph would work because it is good at showing data across categories.

2 b)
If i were selling pizza subs i would keep going because it seems like you are selling more pizza subs every week so if I keep going i would be selling more pizza subs.

I would choose the pictograph because it grabs your attention more.

4 a)
I would make each heart a total of 2 instead of 4 to show it increases even more.

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