Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kyanna's Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Part 1

On October 31, 2011 we watch a movie called Pay It Forward. This movie is about a boy named Trever, he was in the 7th grade. Trever's teacher wanted to do a project about making a differenece in the world. So Trever went on his way and started the project. At first i was thinking how can young people like use change the world? When we started talking about it in class i was like oh thats how we can make a differenece. Trever act of kindness was helping 3 people. First he helped a homeless person. By helping him out, by feeding him, giving him money and even letting him into his house. Trever was now a boy who had paid it forward. Later on in the movie the homeless guy paid it forward.. See how the pattern works out?!

Getting Started

I want to make a differenece in the world. The people I want to help is any one in the world. It doesn't matter who i just want to be a differenece maker. Even if its a small differenece it still counts. I was thinking of helping at the hospital or even volunteering at my old daycare/ a boys and girls club because i want to give my time up and help people. My idea was doing this on Thursday then i could take pictures or even take a video of me doing my act of kindness.

Part 2

I ended up going to Knox Day Care because without people volunteering to help out kids. kids wouldn't be able to go to day care. So there parents would have to stay home with there kids and not make any money. Also the reason i went was because i was a kid who went there since i was a couple months old till i was about 6. So i know how much its important for volunteers to be there to watch kids. I went there on November 8 on a Wednesday. I gave up my volleyball game to go there, it didn't really matter to me that i gave it up because i know i was going to make a differnece. When i was there i helped kids with there reading, i played with them i also helped them with many of puzzles.

Part 3

My act of kindness what really well. I enjoyed what i did because i know that it was helping kids out in the long run. When i got there i first hepled kids with the puzzle. It was fun because we all enjoyed it and it was fun see how the kids worked together to finish the puzzle.

Then second thing i did was play house with them. We got a toy house and pieces and started playing with them. I got to be the mom!

The thrid thing i did was build a big town of blocks. The kids got a little hyper,but then everything went great.

Finally I read them stories. When i was reading i was thinking to myself that i was so happy for coming out and voluteering, because without voluteers like me the world would be something differentt.

Overall i felt really good about myself because i achieved my goal. My goal was to make a differenece in the world. It didnt matter to me if it was a BIG differenece or small i just wanted to my a change in the world we live in today. When the workers asked me why i was doing this i said "I'm doing a project called Pay It Forward, im trying to make a differenece in the world". They reponed "That's good! But what is Pay It Forward"? I said " It's when you do something nice for someone and you don't get anything for it. Doing it out of your heart"

Part 4

The reason why the idea of paying it forward is so important is because some people think you do something nice and you have to get something out of it. But that not the idea pay it forward is doing something out of you heart for a good reason. Thats why its important to pay it forward.

My act of kindnes made a difference because i helped the workers and kids out by giving my time up to help them because like i said without voluteers some kids would have to stay home and not have any fun plus the parents would have to watch them and not make any money to support them. So my act of kindness MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!


  1. Hey Kyanna! I think that the employees there really appreciated your help with the kids. Your experience there would probably help you a lot when your older when you become a mother too! I learned that you don't just do this to get it done, you do it for the kids and to put smiles on their face. I really liked your act of kindness, good job! :)

  2. Part 1:
    Good Job Kyanna! When I was reading your Pay it forward thing I was touched when you said:" It's when you do something nice for someone and you don't get anything for it. Doing it out of your heart"..Your act of kindness was amazing, because you went back in time where you used to go there and bring back memories. Once again you did an awesome job!

    part 2

    Who was involved in the act of kindness? (giving and receiving)

    Kyanna is the one who is giving and the parents and the children are the one who is receiving.

    What act of kindness was completed?

    Volunteering at Day Care center

    In your opinion, who benefited from this act of kindness?

    In my opinion, everyone did.

    What can YOU learn from their experience?

    That sometimes we tend forget our childhood...but Kyanna didn't. She went back and even volunteer there where she used to play with here friends and have fun like there's no tomorrow.And I'm happy about act of kindness.:))