Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Isabel's Pay It Forward

Part 1: What is "Pay it Forward"?
"Pay it Forward" is a brilliant movie that we watched a few weeks ago. It is about a 7th grade student who had a project on social studies. He had an idea that if he help 3 other people then those 3 people would help another people which the total gets higher and higher every time they help another people. His idea was great but his classmates didn't like it. He tried to use his teacher, his mom and his friend but didn't worked out. What he wanted to do was a random act of kindness. He also did an interview before he died.

Part 2:
My act of kindness was donating some of my clothe to salvation army. Although they were already used, I still think that I could help people to cover up especially at this cold weather.
I choose this activity because personally I think that although my clothes were already used, I can still help other people by them buying it at a low price especially people who doesn't have a lot of money or people who likes to to buy inexpensive clothes. I also think that by donating it I would not have as much clothes as I used to have that's just sit there and let it to be worned-out in this way I would be able to get rid of it and also help other people.
I helped many people by donating clothes especially people who doesn't have a lot of money or people who likes to to buy inexpensive clothes.
After school today, my dad and my sister went with me in Salvation Army to donate clothes. Before I went in I took few pictures to post in this blog. I went in and place the paper bag with few clothes inside to the big plastic bin where the people who donates place their donation(s). After that my dad bought a couple of tools and after that we went home.
I did my act of kindness just today: November 15,2011 at 4:00 pm in Salvation Army (Thrift Store).

My act of kindness went very very good. Just what I expected to be. I was expecting to help people to buy my donations for a very good deal. At first, I thought that my donations was a only a few clothes that could only help a few people but I realized that although it was a very little pieces of clothing I'm sure that it will help a lot of people because everything counts.
I felt inspired that at this young age I could donate clothing for other people. I felt relieved that everything went well just what I expected to happen. I was also scared that it might only help small amount of people. And lastly, I felt blessed to have this things, I was blessed to buy new clothes every week or 2, I was blessed because I didn't have to feel what its like to only have one pair of clothing like the children from other poor countries and lastly I was blessed because I am free to do all this good things to help other people.
When the time that I told my dad that I WANT to donate used clothes to Salvation Army, he said yes immediately. I think that he was happy that I do this good things to other people. My sister helped me to take pictures although it was freezing outside she went with me to take pictures and I think that she was happy because we both can do it. Although the personnels in the store didn't saw me place my donations, I think that they are very happy that another batch of clothes came in.
I told my dad that I was doing it to pay forward. Helping other people was a big thing and I also told my mom that it was a project to make a difference. But I didn't got to talk to the staffs because they were few costumers that are in line so I don't want to bother them.
Although I didn't got to talk to them about the project, I still think that they will be happy to hear the news about the project and how to make a difference.
I didn't got to talk to them because they were busy and there are a few costumers in line waiting so I didn't want to bother them.

I think that the idea of "Paying it Forward" is important because it shows other people that everyone of us can make a difference. Although what you did was a small thing that can help a small amount of people it doesn't matter as long as you are doing the right thing.
I think that my act of kindness made a difference because I took actions to help other people.


  1. Nice job Isabelle! I was happy to hear that you had fun doing your act of kindness. I like that you gave many details about your experience. I like that you involved your family to your act of kindness. Over all nice job Isabelle!

  2. Hey Isabel Its nice of you to donate your old clothes to the salvation army and its nice that your family helped you do your pay it forward and I hope that you had fun doing that and good job.