Thursday, November 10, 2011

Samantha's Graphing Post

1. Bar Graphs:
Advantage- you can clearly see the comparison between the data
Disadvantage- depending on the data, you won't be able to see the exact number

Line Graphs:
Advantage- you can show the changes in a data over time
Disadvantage- you can only use a data that changes over time

Double Bar Graphs:
Advantage- you can compare two sets of data across categories
Disadvantage- depending on the data, the interval you choose might not work

Advantage- it uses symbols to show the data
Disadvantage- it sometimes will be difficult to use on some numbers like (15, 7, 13 etc)

Circle Graphs:
Advantage- it displays part to whole percentages
Disadvantage- you might have to turn the data into percentages

2. Three ways showing how graphs can be misleading:

2a. A line graph and bar graph.

2b. Yes, I would continue because both of the graphs show that the sales keep getting higher as the weeks go on.

4. I would have chose the line graph since you can clearly see the sales getting higher right away.

4a. Make the heart represent a smaller number.

Make the interval on the line graph smaller.

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