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Isabel's Textbook Scribe Post ( 3, 9, 13 )

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5. Determine the percent of each number. Give your answer to the nearest hundredth:

  • A. 2/5% of 325 is 1.3 but if you estimate it you will get 1. This is how I got the answer:
Divide 100/5 to get 20
Divide 325/5 to get 65
Multiply 20x2 to get 40
Multiply 65x2 to get 130
Divide 40/100 to get 0.4
Divide 130/100 to get 1.3

Another one is by finding the decimal:

Divide 2/5% to get 0.4%. Make 0.4 out of 100. Divide 0.4 and 100 by 100 and you'll get 0.004/1. The last part is where you multiply 0.004 x 325 to get 1.3.

  • B. 15 1/4% of 950 is 144.875 but if you estimate it you will get 144.88. This is how I got the answer:
Divide 100/10 to get 10
Divide 950/10 to get 95
Divide 10/2 to get 5
Divide 95/2 to get 47.5
Divide 5/5 to get 1
Divide 47.5/5 to get 9.5
Divide 1/4 to get 0.25
Divide 9.5/4 to get 144.875

Another way is by finding the decimal:

Divide 15 1/4% and you'll get 15.25. Make 15.25 out if 100. Divide 15.25 and 100 by 100 and you'll get 0.1525/1. The last part is where you have to multiply 0.1525 x 950 to get 144.875.

  • C. 175% of $125.50 is $219.65 but if you estimate it you will get $219.70. This is how I got my answer:
Divide 100/2 to get 50
Divide $125.50/2 to get $62.75
Divide 50/2 to get 25
Divide $62.75/2 to get 31.375

Another way is by finding the answer by decimal:

Divide 175 and 100 by 100 and you'll get 1.75/1. You now multiply 1.75 x $125.50 to get $219.625

9. The highest point in Canada is Mount Logan, which is in Yukon Territory. Mount Logan is 159% as high as the highest point in Alberta, Mount Columbia. The elevation of Mount Columbia is 3747 m. What is the elevation of Mount Logan?

Divide 159 and 100 by 100 and you'll get 1.59/1. You now multiply 1.59 x 3747 and you'll get 5957.73 m.

13. Suppose a real estate agent receives 5% commission on the first $200 000 of a house's selling price, and 6% on the remaining amount.
  • A. What does commission mean?
When I googled the meaning of commission it says: a fee charged by an agent for his/her service in facilitating a transaction, such as buying or selling of securities or real estate. So then, it is a fee that house realtor gets when he/she sold a house.
  • B. If a house sells for $345 000, how much commission does the real estate agent make on sale of the house?
How did I get 145 000? I subtract 345 000 to 200 000 and got 145 000.
To get 6% of the 145 000 you have to first- Divide 100/10 to get 10. Divide the 10/10 to get 1. Multiply the 1x6 to get 6. Divide 145 000/10 to get 14 500. Divide 14 500/10 to get 1450. Multiply 1450x6 to get 8700.

To get 5% from the 200 000 you have to first- Divide 100/10 to get 10. Divide 10/2 to get 5. Divide 200 000/10 to get 20 000. Divide 20 000/2 to get 10 000.

You then have to add 8700+10 000 which is equal to 18 700.

Here is a link that might help you :)

If I did something wrong, don't forget to comment and I'll change it ASAP :)

Tinille's Textbook Scribe Post (4,8,12)

4. Answer the following using mental math.

a. 20% of 60

- To get 20% of 60, I divided 100 to 5 (100/5) and I got 20. I did the same thing to the other one, so I divided 60 to 5 (60/5) and I got 12. The answer for 20% of 60 is 12.

b. 250% of 400

- To get 250% of 400, I multiplied 100 to 2
(100 x 2) and I got 200. I just have to get 50% so, I divided 100 to 2 (100/2) and I got 50. I did the same thing to the other side. I multiplied 400 to 2 ( 400 x 2) and I got 800. Then, I divided 400 to 2 ( 400/2) and I got 200. The answer for 250% of 400 is 10 000 (ten thousand).

c. 10 1/2 % of 100

-To get 10 1/2 % of 100, I divided 100 to 10 (100/10) and I got 10. Then I divided 10
to 10 (10/10) to get 1. After that I divide 1 to 2 (1/2) to get 0.5 . I did the same thing to the other side so, I divided 100 to 10 (100/10) and I got 10. Next, I divided 10 to 10 (10/10) to get 1. Then, I divide 1 to 2 (1/2) to get 0.5 . The answer for 10 1/2% of 100 is 10.5 .

8. The original price of a jacket was $ 84.00. A store manager marked the price down by 25 1/2%. By how much was the price reduced?

One Way:

- To get 25 1/2 of $ 84.00, I divided 100 to 4 (100/4) and I got 25. Then, I divided 25 to 25 (25/25) and I got 1. I just have to find 0.5 so, divided 1 to 2 (1/2) and I got 0.5. I did the same thing to the other side so, I divided $ 84.00 to 4 ($ 84.00/4) and I got $ 21.00. Then, I divided $21.00 to 25 ($21.00/25) and I got $0.84 so, I divided $ 0.84 to 2 ($0.84/2) and I got $ 0.42.The answer for 25 1/2% of $ 84.0
0 is $ 21.42.

Second Way to find 25 1/2 of $ 84.00

-To get 25 1/2 of $ 84.00, I made 25 1/2 to a decimal so its 25.5 out of 100. Then, I divide 25.5 to 100 (25.5/100) and I got 0.255. Then, I did the same thing to 100 so, I divided 100 to 100 (100/100) and I got 1 because all decimals are out of 1. Next, I multiplied 0.255 to $ 84.00 ( 0.255 x $84) and I got $ 21.

2. A manufacturer of electric hybrid vehicles claims its vehicle will travel 200% as far as its regular vehicle on a full tank of gas. If the regular vehicle travels an average of 550 km on a full tank, how far will the hybrid go?

One Way:

- To get 200 % of 550 km, I multiplied 100 to 2 ( 100 x 2) and I got 2oo. Then I did the same
thing to the other side so, I multiplied 550 km to 2 ( 550 km x 2) and I got 1100 km. The
answer for 200% of 550 km is 1100 km.

Second Way:

-To get 200% of 550 km, we have to make it a decimal , so I divided 200/100 and I got 2. Then, I divided 100/100 to get one because all decimals are out of 1. Next is, I multiplied 2 to 550 km
( 2 x 550) and I got 1100 km.

Here's a practice game for you to learn more about percents and to understand more about them!

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Samantha's Text Book Scribe Post (6,10,14)

6. What is the percent of each number?

b) 75 2/5% of 200. *whatever you do to one side, you do to the other*
2/5 is equal to 0.4 so now it's 75.4%
The answer is 110.8

c. 250% of $76.50 *whatever you do to one side, you do to the other*
The answer is $191.25
10. When water freezes, its volume increases by approximately 10%.

a) How much does the volume of 750ml of water increase when it freezes?
Since the percent is 10 and the question stated that the amount increases, to find out how much it would increase you just divide it by the percent.

b) Sorry, I don't understand this one! If any of you do please comment and explain!

14. 4% of 100 is the same as 8% of what number? Explain how you arrived at your answer.

The answer is 50. Since 4% is half of 8%, you just take the 100 and figure out what half of that number would be. Another example would be 5% of 200 is the same as 10% of what number? The answer would be 100.

Here is a link to a game you can play to practice finding percentages!
Don't forget to play MangaHigh! (:

Kyanna's Scribepost

3. Use mental math to determine each of the following.
a. 300% of 2000

b. 1 1/4 % of 60

c. 0.1 % of 40

7. Two hundred tickets are being sold for a school draw.

a. What is your chance of winning with one ticket? 0.5% chance

b. How any tickets would you need to purchase to have a 2.5% chance of winning? 0.5 x 5 =

11. The area of Canada is approximately 9 984 670 km2. The area of Manitoba is about 6 1/2 % of the area of Canada. What is the area of Manitoba?


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marielle's Scribe Post

Homework Booklet 4.3 Percent of a Number

4. What is the percent of each number? Give your answer to the nearest hundredth.

a) 1/5% of 630 To convert fraction to a decimal, divide numerator by denominator. 1 divide it by 5 = 0.2%. 0.2% is still a percent, to make that a decimal you have to divide it by a hundred. 0.2% divide it by 100 = 0.002. Then, multiply it by the number (100%). 0.002 x 630 = 1.26.

b) 23 7/8 of  300  7 divide it by 8 = 0.875, 23.875 divide it by 100 = 0.23875, 0.23875 x 300 = 71.625

c) 245% of 356.80 I found two 100%, 25% and two 10%

d)68 3/4 % of 730 3 divide it by 4 = 0.75, 68.75 divide it by 100 = 0.6875, 0.6875 x 730 = 501.88.

e) 360% of 129.95 I found three 100%, 50%, and 10%.

6. Table salt is a chemical compound of sodium and chlorine. Recomended daily intake is about 1700 mg. If Canadians consume 182% of this amount on average, how much sodium is one person eating daily?

     *A person takes 1700 mg table salt, but a Canadian takes 182% of it. How much miligram of sodium do one canadian consume?

182% of 1700 - 3044 miligram of sodium per person.

LINK (game)

Norien's Homework Booklet Scribe Post (5, 7, 8)

5. The commision for the sale of a house was 6 3/4% (6.75%). If the house sold for $345 000, how much was your commision ?

I started off with 100 and then divided it by 10, which I divided by 2 to get the '5' for the 6.75%. After that, I went back to the 100 and divided it by 100 to get 1, which I would later add to the 5 I got before. Then, I divided 1 by 0.1 and then divided the 0.1 by 7.5 to get 0.75 which is the same as 3/4. I got 0.75 by dividing 3 by 4. After I got all the information I needed, I added the 5, 1, and 0.75 which would all add up to 6.75 or 6 3/4. For the "$" side, I used the same method and added the numbers up and got 23 287.5 or $23 287.50 .

7. Estimate the following answers, then calculate. Show your thinking.
a) Miguel bought a car for $4700. He made a down payment of 19 1/2% (19.5%). How much was the down payment ?

I estimated the 19.5% to 20% and the $4700 to $5000. I started off with 100 and divided it by 5 and got 20. Then I went to the "$" side and divided 5000 by 5 too, and got 1000.

b) About 5.6% of Canadians have Type 2 diabetes. If Canada's population is 32 million, about how many Canadians have this condition ?

I estimated the 5.6% to 5% and the 32 000 000 to 30 000 000. I started off with 100 and divided it by 20 to get 5. Then I went to the "population" side and divided it be 20 too and got 1 500 000.

c) The 4900- seat hockey arena was 63% full. How many people were at the game ?

I estimated the 63% to 60% and the 4900 to 5000. I started off with 100 and divided it by 5 and got 20, which I multiplied by 3 to get 6. Then I went to the "seats" side and divided 5000 by 5 to get 1000, then I multiplied that by 3 and got 3000.

*There can be other possible estimations

8. The Nile River is about 209% the length of the Yukon River. If the Yukon River is 3168 km, how long is the Nile River (to the nearest km) ? Show your work.

I started off with 100 and multiplied it by 2 to get 200 for the 209 %. Then I divided 100 by 100 to get 1, which I multiplied by 9 to get 9 for the 209%. On the other side (km) I did the same thing and then added 6336 and 285.12 together and I got 6621.12 km, but the question said to round it to the nearest km. So, since the number after the decimal is a 1, I don't make the number higher therefore keeping it the same. So the answer is 6621 km.

Here is a video that will hopefully help you with finding percents.

Here is a LINK to a "finding a percent" game. Enjoy ! (:

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Kim's Scribe Post (Show you Know)

Show You Know:
Determine the percent of each number:

Part 1:

160% of $53.27= 85.22
1) I first took the number 100 because I know that if I have 100, 50, and 10, and 1 percent, I can solve any problem. I chose 100 because it seemed to be the easier number to start off with. I then divided the number into 2 (100÷2) to make 50. Together that makes 150, so I need that 10% more. From the 100, I divided it into 10 (100÷10) and that makes 10! On the money part, I calculated using the same method from the percent side and if you add them together, you get your answer. 160% = $85.22.

The second picture just shows a way I do it, if that's easier for you.


3/4% of 135=
2) From the picture underneath the first one, I had to convert the fraction to make it into a decimal, and then a percentage to make it easier. That would make 3/4 turn into 75%. So for the first picture I just showed how 100 could make 75% by dividing 100 by two to make 50, and then dividing it again to make 25. I did this because 50+25= 75. The calculation would by 75%=101.25.


55 8/10% of 500=
3) For the first picture, I divided 100 by two to make 50. From the 100, I also divided by 10 to make 10. From the 10, i divided by 2 and 10 to make 5 and 0.1. I then multiplied 0.1 (0.1 x 8 = 4) because if you didn't multiply, you would just have 55. I did this so I could find out the numbers to get to 55.8 percent. For the numbers side, all I did was use the same method on the other side to get my answer of 249. So overall, my answer would be 55.8 = 279.

The second picture shows a way kind of like the picture on top of it, but just how I do it. All I do is find out the numbers you usually use (100, 50, 25, 10, 1 percent) and then use the numbers you get to get your answer. The second picture shows how I converted first to get a clearer understanding, and then calculating my answer using mental math.

Part 2:

350% of $10=
4) The top picture shows a T-Chart in which I took the percent (100%) and from that number, I found out what 300 percent was. I just had to multiply 100 x 3 which equals 300. The last step was pretty simple. You just had to divide 100 by 2 to get 50. Again, you use the same method you used on the percent part, and use the method for the money part. In other words, I think you could say that you just had to divide 350 by 10 to get $35. 350% of 10= $35.


0.1% of 5 000=
5) The first picture shows that you have to divide. What I did was find out what 100÷100 and that equaled 1. To find 0.1%, you have to divide 1÷10 and that would equal 0.1%. On the number side, you had to divide 5 000 by 100 to get 50, then divide 10 to get 5. 1% of 5 000= 5.

The second picture is the same thing, but instead of dividing, I multiplied.


2 1/10% of $20 000=
6) Finally for the last question, on the first picture it was basically the same thing as the second picture, except it isn't in T-Chart form.

On the second picture, I just had to start off with 100% and use another 100% to get 200%. I then just divided by 10 to get $2 000 and added the numbers all up! I used the same method for the money side.


*I couldn't find a video... sorry... But I did find a video on another way you could find the percent of a number, just not in the way we do it.

Game links:


*If I made any mistakes, please let me know!

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We Day 2011

We Day was an incredible experience. It was inspiring as well as fun. It amazed me that the majority of the people in the room were children who wanted to make a difference and that really made me happy. I loved how this concert was to show children, who think that just because they are younger and are inexperienced, that you CAN make a difference in the world and every little contribution leads to something huge for someone else. The concert was phenomenal and I am grateful to have been able to go because we all got to be recognized for making a difference in the world. What I loved about We Day was when Craig and Mark Kielburger came out because they spoke in such an uplifting way and they really got the crowd going with their inspiring stories about how Free the Children came together. I was really happy when a whole bunch of celebrities came out, not because I was so excited to see them even though I was, but because they could have been doing anything a celebrity can do and they chose to go to We Day in Winnipeg, to inspire children to make a difference. When I first learned that I was going to We Day, I couldn't believe it and I was so excited but I never expected such energy when we first walked into the MTS Centre. It was packed and I remember Angela and I taking about 20 minutes just to walk from the actual concert room to where the food stands and kiosks were. I am so happy that people care and want to help out, especially kids. I think that as well as teaching kids that you can make a difference, We Day also teaches adults that children aren't just there to cause trouble but that if we teach them well and teach them right from wrong, they will learn the catastrophies of the world and they can help out. I think We Day is a very important milestone in my life and I will remember every single detail of it.


I remember waking up at November 23 because Being all exited and happy because i was one of the lucky people to get chosen to we day out all 140 student in grade 8 and only 30 people are going to be chosen .When i was on we day i saw 16,000 people and that was a lot and some of my friends from the other school said that we day is just a concert for me we day is just not a concert its time for the youth like us to make an action in this world and making a difference.when i was in we day i saw a lot of speakers that had a moving speeches like Mia Farrow, Hannah Taylor, Spencer West , Al Gore, Rick Hansen , Craig Kielburger, Marc Keilburger , And many more inspiring people, With their moving speeches it inspired me to take action and make a difference . When i was in we day i remember seeing Micheal Chikwanine . Talking about Vow of silence .Vow of silence is when children all over the world had no right to speak for them self and the cant make their own opinion .Also some of the children in the world have no freedom .Vow of Silence is an event that we cant us text message,twitter , Facebook ,email ,and By not talking for at least 24 hours after this event What Craig told us to BE LOUD AND PROUD . I want to participate in this event because i want to experience how the other children in this world have no rights to speak up for them selves and how other children have no freedom . when i was on we day one of the speakers said there is no we cant, we wont or never it is just HOW . I also know that i should not complain how hard is my life because there is other kids younger than me that has a worst situation than me because they don't have education ,clean water , freedom , and have no right to speak .That is how i realized that i should not complain about my life because my life is nothing compared to other children s life all over the world . And i remember two great speakers Rick Hansen and Spencer West that in their life there is no we can't and we Won't because even if they are still disabled they still achieve lots of thing like Spencer West build schools all over the world like Kenya and he said before that he cant climb the mount Kilimanjaro but this summer he will be climbing it .Also Rick Hanson was disssabled but he still did not give up on his dreams because he joined the Olympics and travel around the world . that's why we should never say we cant we all have to at least try .In this experience i learned lots and lots of things like We can take action ,We an make a diffidence We could help each other ,We can change the world WE are the next generation that will help our world .Our generation could help our community and other lives this event for me is life changing event because it encourage me to help other people that does are in need, to help my school fundraising to a local charity to make this world a better place ,to be a good difference maker to ,and finally this change my life because it made me realize i should make a difference.i will never forget this event because i know it change my life some how and in many different way and it made me realize that making one small action or one act of kindness could be a big difference in some ones life.Like what the Keilburgers brother said this is the power WE .I promise to take action and never give up.

Thanks to MR.Harbeck ,Mrs Lee ,Mrs Wilson, and Mr Potter
With out you guy i wont get to experience this life changing event that change our life so i would like to say thank you

Friday, November 25, 2011

We Day 2011

Oh my. I remember about 3 days before We Day people on facebook were talking about how "I can't wait for We Day" also other people were asking "man I wish I could go to We Day". I was lucky enough to get chosen to go to We Day with 29 other students from Sargent Park. On Noverber 23, 2011 I remember getting up so happy to go to We Day it was unbelievable. When I got to the MTS Centre it was crowded with 16,000 people!! Let me say that again 16,000 people that got inspired by the movement. We Day is more than just one day of celebration and inspiration. We Day is the movement of our time a movement of young people leading local and global change. It also about Free The Children. The speakers who were there that got me inspired to take action was Mia Farrow, Chief Shawn Atleo, Al Gore, Rick Hansen, Hannah Taylor ,Keilburger's Robin Wiszonwaty Michel Chikwanine and even Spencer West. Each and every one of them had very moving speeches. People think that kids can't be the change... But we all realized is that was can't say I won't, or it can never happen we have to start saying I will or even i will try. We have to REDEFINE POSSIBLE that is the big thing about what Spencer West talked about. Nothing is impossible if you TRY. Today we are the generation that is going to stop poverty, that is going to stop the lack of education, health care and much MUCH more. Today we are the change. One speaker who spoke out to me with no words what so ever was Michel Chikwanine. His speech was so moving Icried in the inside. He talked about how he was silenced from speaking his mind. So on November 30, 2011 I'm going to take part of " Vow Of (Silence) " being silence for those who are still silenced and who were silenced. We have to be silence for a whole 24 hours then when time is up BE LOUD and PROUD!! Another speaker who caught my ear was Rick Hansen, winner of 19 international wheelchair marathons and an activist for those with spinal cord injuries. Mr. Hansen is known for his " Man in Motion" which started in 1985, when he wheeled through 35 countries. Rick Hansen's message was that anything is possible no matter what happens Lastly Spencer West had a moving message, that was " hold your own, know your name and go your own way". Also to redefine possible.. My time at we day was so much fun, I learned alot. Everything i learned im going to take back to school and tell everyone went We Day is and how you can Free the Childern also ways to be the change.

Vow of Silence!

P.S i have more pictures but its on my blackberry!