Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marlo Medina's Pay it forward

Part 1: What is Pay it forward?

Pay it forward is a movie we grade 8's watched. It is about a kid named Trevor, Trevor got an assignment from his teacher asking him to make a difference in the world. He then thought about doing a random act of kindness to three people that cant help themselves without wanting anything in return except for those three people to help three more people each.

Part 2:

My act of kindness was helping my friend Ryan De Leon who always tells me how his friends and classmates always makes fun of him a lot. I gave him tips on how to handle and avoid bullies. I gave him tips like "If you see the bully go the other way", "try to always walk with your friends" and "Do tell a teacher or someone you trust if they do anything that makes him uncomfortable" I did it last November 12 around 2 in the afternoon.

Part 3: It went pretty well, Ryan listened and he was pretty interested in the topic he wouldn't even stop asking me questions. I felt pretty sad at first hearing how people used to call him names and hurt him but after a while I felt pretty relieved knowing that most of his friend do try to help him out too.

He looked like he was pretty interested on the topic and he also had this feeling of relief.

I asked him to do the same thing were doing which is "Paying it forward" at first he didn't want to do it but then I told him how he can actually do something to make a difference to someones life and how even one person can make a difference.

Part 4: I think its important to Pay it forward because it can actually do make a difference in the world because more and more people will learn about it and maybe actually do something


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  2. Great Job Marlo! Giving tips to Ryan of how to avoid bullies was very well done. I think your act of kindness was very helpful to Ryan. Keep up the good work.

  3. Job well done Marlo! I think the act of kindness you did is actually helpful and educational to all students and for schools. Your tips can really be useful for Ryan to avoid and to handle bullies. Great job and keep helping other people!

  4. Good Job Marlo! I think that it is really nice of you that you give some tips of how to ignore bullies, which is a good thing for Ryan to know how to avoid and handle bullies. Also I think that your act of kindness went very well because now Ryan know's how to avoid and handle bullies. GREAT JOB!