Sunday, November 13, 2011

Angelika's Pay It Forward

Pay it forward is a movie that we grade 8 had to watch. The movie is about a kid named Trevor that his class was asked to think an idea that could change the world and put it into an action.So Trevor's idea was to help three people that but it has to be hard something that they cant do by there selves and they have to do it by three other people so it will be like a big chain .Instead of getting something nice in return they have to pass the act of kindness to other people .It is like starting with me and passed on to other people so it gets larger and larger .It was possible that one small idea actually made a large difference in the world and even now the movement is still going on we could make a difference by doing something kind to others or just paying it forward.

My act of kindness was going too the Siloam Mission and donating clothes with my grandfather. I think it went really well, because they were so happy and inshock that at just the right time we donated. I felt really proud of myself, but at the same time sad about what I saw. I know I made a difference in someone's life. and I hope I did. seeing things that make me sad or cry isn't always the best. But makes me realize ' wow I am lucky too be where I am, free education! some children don't have or know what it is..' so PAY IT FORWARD.
My act of kindness went very well. I went to the Siloam Mission about two weeks ago with my grandfather and we donated clothes for the less fortunate. It was the most scariest and saddest expierences I had in awhile. They were happy and grateful we brought things, they were running out since people haven't been donating clothes for awhile. Unfortunatley I was not allowed too take a picture, due too personal and security reasons. I would have gotten one if I was allowed.

Pay It Forward is important because people need too know, there are children and people in the world that are the ' less fortunate' and they need help. and doing it too be nice, and generous expecting nothing in return. it can make a difference. I think my kindess and donate helped and made a difference because people do not always have clothing.. due too personal reasons, and the Siloam Mission was running out of clothes. I didn't see children.. but believe me, I know there is children there sometimes. making a difference for somebody makes me feel better about myself and more generous. That's who I want to be. and I will keep on doing the things I do. Being nice. that's what ' pay it forward' is all about. so Pay It Forward.


  1. HEY Why did u copy my pay it forward part on that is not fair you are suppose to make your own

  2. It does not matter if more people do the same thing. The true reason for pay it forward is to do a random act of kindness. This is an act of kindness, that is what is important.

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