Thursday, November 24, 2011

We Day 2011

How do I began at WE-Day. Waking up in November 23rd at 6:00 Am getting ready for We-Day. Through the night dreaming of what could happen and going to school for the trip of a life time. I just can't believe that 16 000 people were invited and only 30 of us was only to go including me. For learning the power of Me I learned it's We. With the inspiring people like Rick Hansen, Hannah Taylor, Mia Farrow, Al Gore, Spencer West, Craig Kielburger, Marc Kielburger, Michael Chikwanine, and a lot more incredible people I learned someone like me can make a difference and more people will learn help include other people and so on. Things I learned is that We ARE the leaders of tomorrow, We CAN make a difference and We Are the the speakers. All together we can make a difference by helping the homeless, donating and stuff because it's about YOU TAKING ACTION. Throught the power of Michael Chikwanine he inspired me of what children are doing right now in Kenya, China, India and more, because of him he made me think of taking action and joing the Vow of silence. The vow of silence is about children who can't stand up for there selfs and who don't have the right to speak. For this I decide to join the nation and be silenced for a whole day on November 30th for 24 hours. Through this power we are not aloud to whisper, use twitter, Facebook, tumblr and a lot more of technology home pages. With this We were asked if we can join the Vow of Silenced and I will. Michael instead of talking he used big cards to use to talk instead of opening his mouth. He did a lot of things that I can never do. He shot a friend name Kevin which I will never shoot. He hold a gun and became a solider, Now a days that doesn't happen hear. He's life is sad but through the power of We, we see how he feels inside of being who he is. With Rick Hansen and Spencer West they made a speech that that really inspired me that Nothing is Impossible if you know you are able to do it. They also inspired me to Never give up Hope and never quit. Through what Spencer West said that he will be climbing a high mountain(don't know the name.) Through Rick Hansen the man of motion, he came all around the world to make a difference and that's where it made me click that you can do anything if you believe in yourself. A saying which he said was " If enough of us choose to change even one small thing, together we have the power to change anything."That's when Hannah Taylor made a difference by seeing a homeless man and giving her saying, You don't have to be afraid of me, and that's when Hannah Taylor started to make a difference. At the concert she sang a song that was sad I was even about to cry. She said a saying which is " Just follow your Heart". To the end to crank it up this is where Craig kielburger and Marc Kielburger come in a give a speech. This is where Craig tells us that It's about taking action. By the time at the end we all came to the school back and that's where'd we talked about the Free the children. Free the children is not just about you its for we and together we can make a difference. We can accomplish anything because this is the power of WE. So this is what we learned at We Day or at the concert. Although you think I didn't do anything to make a difference in the world you have. For the Halloween for hunger and what coming up is the Vow of Silence. By doing this you already have changed the world, because this is the power of WE
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