Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Homework Book Pg. 28 - 29 ( 3, 5, 7)

3. To find these answers, you have to find the two closest square roots that has 5, 18, 78, or 95 between. (depends what question you are doing)

5. a) calculated answer : 4.123 (rounded to the nearest thousandths)

b) calculated answer : 9.219 (rounded to the nearest thousandths)

(first way) You have to find the two closest square roots to the number you are looking for (17 & 85) and then determine whether it is less than half way or more than half way. After you figure that out, you put a decimal either less than .5, more than .5, or exactly .5
(second way) You have to find the two closest square roots to the number you are looking for (17 & 18) and subtract the larger square root to the smaller square root and that will be your denominator. Your numerator will depend on how far your number is to the smallest square root. Eg. 17 is one away from 16 therefore the numerator will be 1.

7. To answer this question, I did almost the same thing as number 5, except I changed the numbers.

Here is a video about estimating square roots. It isn't really how we learned it today but it's almost the same, just a different way.

Here is a link to help you with estimating square roots. It really helps! (:

1. Answer in a short paragraph and with diagrams.

The a² and b² represents the area of the two legs and the c² represents the area of the hypotenuse which is also the longest side of a right triangle. The pythagorean relationship determines whether or not the triangle is a right triangle by adding up the two areas of the legs and if a² + b² = c² it is a right triangle. If a² + b² do not add up to c² it is not a right triangle.

2. Solve for the missing side length.

3. Is this a right triangle? Prove it!!!

No, because the sum of the area of the two legs do not equal to the hypotenuse. In conclusion, this triangle is NOT a right triangle.


  1. Good job Norien i like how you made The answer in a different colour so it stands out an i also how you added the pictures because it really explains a lot and you explained everything really clear .the link that you put was very helpful an also the video .All in all you did an awesome job ... KEEP IT UP :D

  2. Great job Norien! You did everything very well done and precise! I love the way you chose to have two different ways to find out your answers on 5 and 7. Also, I noticed you added different colours in your text is usually what I always look for when it comes to a good blog! Because of this effect, it made things look more creative and your statement pop out more. I also liked how you took the time to find out the real calculated answer on 5 a) and b)! You found out what the real aster first, simplified it to the nearest thousandths, then just used the whole number and estimated to the nearest tenth. Your pictures showed me that you did your work by yourself and I could tell it was very neat and clean. Your video actually helped me understood better, and your game was actually pretty fun and is the kind of game that your brain get's really into. Overall, you did a superb job! Keep it up Norien! =)

  3. Good Job Norien :) i love how you made your pictures bold so we could see them better. Also i like how u explained your picture after because it gave us a better understanding. Your video also helps a lot too! so thats good

  4. Awesome Job Norien! I liked how you had explained the answers that you had, especially for 5b)! The pictures that you have are also great, It makes it that much more understandable. I also liked the video that you have added to go with your scribe post, and the way you have changed the color of your font was a good idea, it shows whenever you want us to notice an important word or sentence! Nice Job for your scribe post! keep it up! :)

  5. good job norien! nice explantions for the answers especially number #7 I did not get the answer for that and thanks for explaning it so I can understand and the picture shows it really well and I like the way you use the colour to show the answre and the video is a nice touch. Good job norien.

  6. Great job on the blog post Norien I really like how you took pictures of all your work and the link you gave was pretty helpful too I also really like the video you added overall i think you did a great job.

  7. Great job Norien, I like how for each picture, there's text that explains the picture more so we know how to show our work and explain it in words. I like how you added colour to some parts, so reader's eyes will fall there just like what you did for when you explained the first way and second way. I really like the link you chose. It really will help us get better at estimating square roots. Once again great job Norien!

    I liked your pictures and information. Your video was great and the post was interesting. This post helped me know more about the topic and get how to do the steps and work. You did good with colour and putting it to the important facts which most people dont do. Overall great job!

  9. Good Job Norien! I love the way you showed how to get the answer in two different ways! Also, I liked how you explain step by step the things you did to get that answer. I adore how you put different colour to the other words to make them noticeable. When I was reading your blog, it was really clear and understandable. Keep up the fantastic work norien!