Sunday, January 22, 2012

Riley`s square root scribe post

7. Identify a whole number with a square root between 11 and 12.
  if you square 11 you get 121 and if you square 12 you get 144 so any number between 121 and 144.

15. Order the following numbers from least to greatest: 7, square root of 46, 5.8, square root of 27, and 6.3. 
the square root of 46 is 6.7 and the square root of 27 is 5.1

square root of 27, 5.8, 6.3, square root of 46, 7

11. the square has an area of 20cm 2 

A) Use perfect squares to estimate the side length to one decimal place.

the square root of 20cm is 4.4cm

B) the side length is 4.4

1. Answer in a short paragraph and with diagrams.

A and B are the legs 
C is the hypotenuse

Pythagorean Relationship: the relationship between the lengths of the side of a right triangle.

2. Solve for the missing side length.

3. Is this a right triangle? Prove it!!!

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  1. Hi Riley! I really liked how you added different colours, it really made my eyes pop. I liked how you gave me one picture, but where did all the other pictures go? Next time, maybe you should try showing your work, because a good blog like this deserves a little work. Also try adding in a video to help us understand more and maybe even a link to a game we could play? Overall, good job Riley! Keep it up! =)