Monday, January 16, 2012

Marielle's Scribe Post

In between perfect squares, the square root is the same whole number as the smaller perfect square.

Non Perfect square root have fractions.

17 *square root is not perfect. It's whole number is..

To find the denominator, you subtract the smaller perfect square from the larger perfect square.



Pythagorean Relationship

1. Answer in a short paragraph and with diagrams.

Pythagorean Relationship can be written as a^ + b^ = c^ (formula).

  • "c" is that longest side/ hypothenuse of the triangle.
  • "a" and "b" two shorter legs with right angle (90 degree)

2. Solve for the missing side length.

  • Label "a" "b" and "c" (don't get confused)
  • Formula (a^ + b^ = c^)
  • Replace letters to numbers (12^ + 5^ = c^)
  • Square numbers (12 x 12(144cm^) + 5 x 5(25cm^)= c)
  • Add (169cm^ = c)
  • Square root the number (13cm = c^)

3. Is this a right triangle? Prove it!!!

Link for Pythagorean Relationship:

Here's a link of a game about square root
Play it if you want to win a $1,000,000! :D


  1. Awesome Job! I liked how you had pictures, and images to go with your blogpost. You have also explained the notes very well, very understandable. I also liked how you have changed the color, and the font. It makes your scribepost you know, "pop up" ;). The video you have added was great! But I dont get the link of the game, when I copied and pasted the link, The math game about square roots doesn't show up :( I dont know, it's probably just me. Anyways, Great Job! keep it up! :)

  2. Great scribe post Marielle! I like the video you chose. I like how you took the time to make this images. The images you made really help understand how this works and you even explained it more using words. The game you chose was kind of difficult but it helps us understand square roots a bit better. Great job again!

  3. Nice job, marille I like that you explained the stuff we did today and thanks for showing how to get the denominator I forgot how and the picture is so cool and it's clear and the colour to show the important stuff ex. fractions and the video is nice, I'll have to check your blog post if I forgot again thanks.:)

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  5. Good job Mariel i like how you explain everything. it is more clear because you added pictures and video and the students could understand more wat we talked about in class. i also like that you made some of the words stands out cause it was important and it makes your scribe post more better .and thanks for the game cause it is really fun it will help me a lot any ways you did an awesome scribe post :D KEEP IT UP

  6. Great job Marielle! I liked how you had colorful text and pictures, which by the way are really good because I can easily understand them and they're not too small. I also like how you had a video and link about square roots, but next time you might want to properly add the link so all we have to do is click it. But it's okay. Overall marvelous job! (:

  7. goodjob Mariel! =) I really liked how you separately showed an example into an image it was really easy for me to read & understand! I also liked how you clearly explained what we learned today! It gave me a throwback for what we learned in math today! Your video was really good it was easy to understand what the person was saying while they were explains what to do with square roots/numbers! Goodjob on your scribe post Mariel! keep up the good work! =)

  8. Great Job Marielle. I really like the picture and the color of the text. I like how you explained the information we did in class yesterday. I like the video and the link about the square root. Anyway Good Job!

  9. Good Job Marielle !!! I really adore when you explained every single detail that Mr.H taught us in class. I also liked that you put/made your own pictures to make your blog interesting. I liked when you used different colour to represent the answer and it made it easy to read. Good Job and Well Done.!

  10. Great Job Marille ! I really liked how you explained what you were doing, so we knew what to do. I also liked how your pictures are colorful. And how you change the color on the main ideas in your scribe post. You did a really good job !

    Nicole P. 8-73

  11. Good job Marielle! I loved the use of colours and size of font you used to make us read it more easily. Plus, it was clear and understandable to read too! You explained the notes we took efficiently and used different colours for the words you wanted us to pay more attention to. Your pictures looked very nice and neat too! I liked how on the first picture, you underlined the important words and even explained the difference between a square root and squaring a number. Your video was enjoyable since it had a little humour in it, which makes the person watching a little more interested. You did a great job! Keep it up Marielle! =)

  12. Good Job Marielle. It seemed like you put a lot of time in you blog post and it looks beautiful. i like how you had the different colors and font size it looks very pretty.:)