Sunday, January 22, 2012

Peter's Square Root Scribepost

Question #16

a)To find the maximum area of the room you first need to find the area of the room which is 36m²
because 6x6 is 36. The second step is to find what 75% of 36 is. to get 75% you need to multiply 0.75 by 36 and you will get 27, so the answer for a is 27m².

b)To find the dimension you need need to find what √27 is, which is 5.196, if we round it up to 5.2 it wont work because it already passed 75% so we round the number to make 5.1, so the fitness centre will order with the dimension of 5.1m because that's the closest without going over 75%.

To find the answer you need to multiply 56 by whole numbers one by one and square root them together with the whole number you are currently multiplying and the answer should be a whole number. My answer is 14 because if you multiply it by 56 you will get 784 and if you square root the answer you eill get a whole number which is 28.

Here is a video to help you understand square root better.

here is a game link to help understand squaring a number

Pythagorean Relationship Question.

1) The relationship between a²+b²=c² is that a² and b² is lower than c² because the two leg of the triangle which is a² and b² is equal to c² which is the hypotenuse. If other leg is missing you can just subtract the other leg from the hypotenuse. The formula for that is a²= c²-b² or b²= c²-a². the formula a²+b²=c² help you find whether the triangle is a right triangle or not.

2. Solve the missing side length

3.Is this a right triangle? Prove it.

It is not a right triangle because 10 isn't equal to 11, or 100 isn't equal to 121


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  2. Wow Peter Good Job i love your blog post its wonderful you did a great good :D

  3. Hey Peter! Your blog post was phenomenal! I liked how instead of re-writing the question, you just print screened it. Doing this also made your blog post look more clear by the way. I absolutely loved how you took the important facts like in question 16 for a) and b), and then you coloured them into a different colour. It's pretty clever of you considering the fact that some people bold the words/answers, but you young Peter has used different colours, which is what I always look for in a good blog post. Your answers were very well done and your video was pretty cool too! When I clicked your game though, it said I had a missing plug-in, but I think that's just me. Even though I didn't get to check your game out, I'm pretty sure it would have been really fun. Keep up the good work Peter! (=

  4. GOOD JOB PETER.! I love how you put the important words and answer and put it in different colour or bold it... I liked how you explained how you got your answer for us to understand! Another thing I like is that you made you pictures or even print screened them. Overall good job.