Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scribe 2: 4, 9, 10, 15b), 16b), 18, 21 /Pythagorean

Definition - The square root of a number can be thought as the side length of a square.
  • Square roots are the inverse of squaring a number


  • As I found the Prime Factors of 32 which is 16 and 2.
  • I found the Prime Factors 16 which is 8 and 2.
  • Then I found the Prime Factors of 8 which is 4 and 2.
  • After I boxed in the Line of Prime Factorization after I made a basket using those number to make more sense
  • So as you can see its a perfect square.

  • First I just had to find the Prime Factor of 25 which would be 5 and 5.
  • So then when I multiply 5 by itself, it would make a Perfect Square that would equal 25
  • After I would multiply the sides to get the area
  • The square of the number would be as the area of the square, which is 5
  • So then the square root of 25 = 5

  • Well what I did first is that a made an imaginary mat that had 14m of side length.
  • Then I did the area formula of a square which would be:
A = SxS
A = 14x14
A= 196
So the area would be 196m²
  • So thats the answer of the area of the floor mat in square metres.

  • 21)a. Well how I showed my work for this answer is I used the area formula.
  • How it worked is I would use length x width as my area formula
  • The formula would look like:
A = l x w
A = 14 x 4
A = 56
The area would be 56m²
  • So then that would be the area of the patio and how to find out the answer.
  • 21)b. Well what I did here I would have to find out 2 different sets of numbers to have the same area as 56m²
  • So what I used here would be the same area formula length x width
  • As my two different sets of numbers I used 28 as my length and 2 as my width.
  • So the area formula for this patio would be:
A = l x w
A = 28 x 2
A = 56
The area is 56m²

21)c. Well in my opinion it is NOT because it you use a square as a patio 56 wont be able to be a perfect square number.

Here is a video to help you understand more about square roots for 60 seconds!

Here is a game that you might enjoy about square roots!
P.S you might have to use Mozilla! If you dont have Java to play this game. Sorry guys!


1. Answer in a short paragraph and with diagrams

2. Solve for the missing side length.

3. Is this a right triangle? Prove it!!!


  1. Great job Abby! Wow, that was really long but accurate! I like how you used visible colours to determine what we needed to look at and which we should pay more attention to. The fact that you also circled the prime factors made it a bonus! Also, I liked how you used your time and wrote your solution even if it was already on the picture you drew and also explained it fluently and understandable. Your questions and answers were well organized and I can tell you put in a lot of hard work judging by the way you took the time to bold the important words and italic the formula which I thought was impressive. I also liked how in 9 a), b), and 10 a), b), you made the picture larger so we could get a better view of the square. In my opinion maybe you should have added some colour in your text, but hands down, your blog post was extravagant! The video also was very helpful. I didn't have Mozilla so I couldn't click on the game, but I bet it is still really good. Way to go Abby! Keep up the good work! =)

  2. Awesome Job Abby! without even starting to read and understand your scribepost, I already knew you were gonna do a great job, because of the time and effort that you put into it! I liked how you added the images step-by-step and the conclusion on how to get to your answer. Like Kim said you really took the time to finish it, and you have really done a great job. I also liked the fact that you have changed the color, and the size of the important words, and what you needed us to focus on. Thumbs-up for that! You had a great video too! The way you have explained and made your questions and answers more understandable was great. And I also didnt have Mozilla so I didnt get to play the game too. Overall, Great Job! keep it up!

  3. Great Job, Abigail ! I liked how you change the font and made it more thicker on all the important words in your scribe-post, so we knew that it was important. And I really liked how you didn't just give us the answer, you also explained how you got it step-by-step, so that we could understand it more. I liked the video that you added, it was short, but it still helped me. I clicked on the game, but you needed an plug-in or something to play the game, but I didn't have that, so I could not play it. But great job, Abigail !

    Nicole P. 8-73

  4. Good Job Abigail! I think you should have added some colour to the text. For 15)b.,you said you found the prime factors of certain numbers. For example you said, "I found the prime factors of 32 which is 16 and 2" 16 isn't a prime factor but it is a factor of 32. I like how you took the time to make your own pictures to show how to find the answers. I couldn't play the game since I didn't have Firefox. I like the video but I couldn't really understand the last part. Anyway, this was a very good scribe post!

  5. Good Job, Abigail! I liked how you organized your pictures with different colors with each step of your explanation. Also, making important words stand out by using bold was a also a really good idea.
    I've also noticed that your pictures were pretty big, if it's not too much to ask may you please make them a bit smaller, so it wouldn't take up a lot of space.
    21c) Please correct me if I'm wrong*
    Is it alright if I said that it couldn't be a perfect square because 7x8(=56) is the closest way to make it squared because both 7 and 8 are only 1 number away?
    Good Job!

  6. Thanks this helped a lot :) Since I wasn't here on Tuesday. This gave me more of a lesson. (:

    AND, love how you explained things!

  7. Great job Abby
    YOU DID GREAT BROSKI. I liked your video because it made me understand things more on this topic. To make this post better you could have added different colour to important words to draw peoples eyes to the text.

  8. Nice job Abby! I liked how you had clear and easy to read pictures. I also liked how you explained each answer you got in short, effective sentences. Another thing I like about your scribe post is how you had some pictures from the textbook so I could easily figure out which question you were doing. Overall great job! (:

  9. Good Job ABEE .. See i'm commenting :0 Well anyways i really like your blog post :p i like your pictures of the answers they are well done and pretty.