Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Samantha's Text Book Scribe Post (6,10,14)

6. What is the percent of each number?

b) 75 2/5% of 200. *whatever you do to one side, you do to the other*
2/5 is equal to 0.4 so now it's 75.4%
The answer is 110.8

c. 250% of $76.50 *whatever you do to one side, you do to the other*
The answer is $191.25
10. When water freezes, its volume increases by approximately 10%.

a) How much does the volume of 750ml of water increase when it freezes?
Since the percent is 10 and the question stated that the amount increases, to find out how much it would increase you just divide it by the percent.

b) Sorry, I don't understand this one! If any of you do please comment and explain!

14. 4% of 100 is the same as 8% of what number? Explain how you arrived at your answer.

The answer is 50. Since 4% is half of 8%, you just take the 100 and figure out what half of that number would be. Another example would be 5% of 200 is the same as 10% of what number? The answer would be 100.

Here is a link to a game you can play to practice finding percentages!
Don't forget to play MangaHigh! (:


  1. Nice job Samantha! I liked how you explained your answers, but next time you might want to add a picture to number 14, so it's easier to understand but I liked how you explained it even though you didn't have a picture. You might also want to add a video and check your "link", I think you did something wrong because I can't seem to click it. I liked how you put a reminder to play Manga High, and by the way we're winning! (: Anyways, good job! (:

  2. Awesome Job Samantha! I liked how you had images and a clear explanation on your answers. The examples that you have also added for your answers were very helpful, it makes me understand more. Next time you might want to add in a video or maybe add some colour? for your post, just to make it a little better, and you know to make it "pop-up". Also, for your "LINK", I'm wondering why I can't seem to click it? Overall, you did a fantastic job! keep it up. *Thanks for reminding us about Manga-high, Last time I checked we were in first place! :)

  3. Great job Sam! I liked how your images are clear and easy to read but next time you might want to add some colour to your post to make it look interesting. And I can't explain #10b well, sorry. Good job and keep it up. :)

  4. Hi Samantha. I really like your scribe post. I like that your pictures are different in a way. You could have put a link but i see it didn't work you could also put a video.. You should make your font bigger and different colors for it to stand out.
    Good Job Samantha

  5. Great Job Samantha. I really like how you made your pictures easy to understand also how you explained your answers pretty well overall the only thing youre missing is the video and link. and yeah good job.

  6. Hey Samantha Good Job. I really the pictures . And how you explain your answer to the question. But next time add a video and lunk. Anyway Great Job

  7. Good job, Samantha! I wish you could have added some colour to your text. to me, your pictures weren't so clear because in 6)b. it wasn't clear what you were adding. Where's the 75 2/5%? In 6)c. I wish you boxed 200% and 50% so we know that's what were looking for. This was still a very well done scribe post! Great job!

  8. Good Job, Samantha! I apologize for commenting late. I liked how you added the pictures for further explanation. You were missing some information on 6 b) which got me very confused. Another way you could have explained it was to get 50,25 and 0.4 (100÷2=50, 50÷2=25, 100÷10=10, 10÷10=1, 1÷10=0.1, 0.1*4=0.4). What you do on 10 a) is that you, add 75 to 750 to make it 825 because they were looking for the total ice right? Please double check your link, I don't think it's a pop out. Also thank you for the reminder for mangahigh! Great Job!