Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tinille's Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

Part 1 :

Pay it Forward is an amazing movie that we Grade 8's watched. Pay it Forward is about this kid named Trevor. Trevor and his classmates had an history assignment to make a big difference in the world and put it toward action. Trevor's idea was to help 3 people and those 3 people will help another 3 people, like a cycle. Instead of getting something in return, Trevor told them to " Pay it Forward ". By paying it forward he made a big difference. It was a big surprise that this little and small idea turned to be a big hit and by doing this it will make us, people proud of ourselves. Pay it Forward is a type of movie that people should watch and for them to realized how we can spend our lives by giving or sharing what we have to others and by paying it forward.

Part 2:

My act of kindness was, I cleaned my neighbors house and I baby sit my family friend's baby. First, I cleaned my neighbors house and it went good. I picked this because it's a way for me to help my neighbors and to meet them in person, way of being friendly. I talked to my neighbor and asked her if I can clean her backyard and she said yes. It was a pleasure for me because my neighbor trusted me by cleaning her own yard. She talked to me and ask me why am I doing this and I said a way for me to show how I am really proud to be here in this neighborhood. As I go to her, she offered me 5 dollars and I pushed it towards her and I told my request to pay it forward by helping someone who is in need.

Also, I baby sit my family friend's baby his name is Bonn. I volunteered when I heard that her mom has a work last November 12, 2011. I taught him how to draw mickey mouse because he love mickey. His mom was so proud of me as I volunteered to take good care of her son. I also read Bonn a bed time story, taught him how to play Wii and I taught him how to add and subtract at his age 5. I was proud of him when it turned really good and amazing of how I taught him too. He was really patient and was really easy to take care of. He never gave me an headache of anything. I picked this because its a way for me to express how I feel as I want to be a doctor. As we all know doctors patients are mostly kids. Then, the night came and his mom picked him up in our house. His mom wanted to treat me to superstore and eat sushi but I didn't accept her offer and told her instead of offering me anything she can pay me by paying it forward. I also told her to donate to Winnipeg Harvest to help other people.

Part 3:

I think my act of kindness went amazing. I cannot define everything that I felt as I go through all the amazing things I did, just to help people. Cleaning someones yard was tough at first and really scared because you'll never know how people react of what you're doing. Baby sitting someone that isn't that close to you was a way for me to make it through and spend a little time to get to know each other. You or even myself cannot describe how I felt after doing this generosity and kindness. It was impossible at first to go out there tell your neighbor or who you helped to pay it forward but if you talked to them and tell all the things that you had watched and what you're trying to do , it will make it easier. At first they didn't know what I am talking about, I told them the summary or things from the video and put it into my own words and told them what pay it forward is trying to do. After that they told me they're going to do the best that they could to help people. It made me feel touched.

Part 4:

The idea of Pay it Forward is important because it means that you are trying to help others or share what you have accomplish to other people who didn't have the same "luck" as you do. By doing this it will make someones life change. I think my act of kindness made a difference in the world because parents don't have enough time to clean their yards and to spend time to their children. By cleaning someones yard and baby sitting my family friends baby I did something to replace the responsibility for a second. I did something to make them think that even though in my age I can make someone smile as I go and help people.

Don't forget it Starts with YOU!


  1. Hey Tinille I like what you did on your Pay it Forward because I wanted the earth to be a clean place. And I also did the same except for the part where you babysit someone. And its really nice of you picking up garbage to make our streets cleaner

  2. good job Tinille. the way ur act of kindness went really well, i say i think u really earned the 5 dollars the woman gave you and you should be very proud for what you've done to her yard and babysitting a unknown neighbor is a great way to know each other and also a very good act of kindness

  3. Good job Tinille! I liked your act of kindness. You actually did two, you cleaned your neighbor's AND you also babysit a family friend's baby. Keep it up Tinille!

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  5. good job Tinille:)
    I really like the way your act of kindness went really well and you did two act of kindness you cleaned you neighbor’s and you babysit that's very nice of you Tinnile:) well keep up the good work