Sunday, November 13, 2011

Daphne's Pay It Forward


Pay It forward is a movie that we have watched. It is about a kid having an assignment from his teacher to create and make a positive difference in the community and the world where he lives in. Trevor (the kid from the movie) then thinks of some postive act of kindness that he could do. He thought of doing positive kindness for three people. Those three people will each then do positive kindness for three people and so on. The point is, if you have done something positive for someone, (without asking anything back) and tell them whatever they have recieved and want to give back.. instead of giving it back, we want them to "PAY-IT-FORWARD".

2.) WHAT WAS YOUR PAY-IT-FORWARD ACT OF KINDESS? Our PAY-IT-FORWARD act of kindness is raking a small part of the school grounds, it isn't much, but hopefully it will at least make a little difference for our school. WHY DID WE CHOSE THIS ACTIVITY? We have chosen to do this activity because we wanted our school to look nice and clean in a small way by raking the leaves that are on the school grounds. WHO DID WE HELP? My friends and I have helped the school. WHAT DID WE DO? Together, with my friends, MarielleM. and KimG. we have raked some part of the school grounds. WHEN DID WE DO OUR ACT OF KINDNESS? We have done our act of Kindness on Friday, November 4, 2011.

3.) HOW DID YOUR ACT OF KINDNESS GO? It was good. We also had fun. WHAT HAPPENED? We have raked for approximately three hours, but the cold weather was bothering us so much, that we wanted to stop, but we still continued. HOW DID YOU FEEL? It feels good especially that you knew that you have helped someone without anything back but for them to "PAY IT FORWARD". HOW DID THE PERSON/PEOPLE REACT? There were some teachers who saw us and they have asked us why we were doing it and we have told them that we are doing ths project called "PAY IT FORWARD". DID YOU ASK THE PERSON TO PAY IT FORWARD? No. We have forgotten to ask the person to pay it forward, but we have told them that we are doing this project without asking for anything back. But if I ever get a chance to do it again, I will actually tell the person to pay it forward.

4.)The idea of PAY IT FORWARD is very important because it could help a lot of people who needs it. Anyone can particpipate by PAYING IT FORWARD. I think that our act of kindess had made at least a small difference in our community, and our school.

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