Tuesday, November 15, 2011

philips pay is forward

Part 1
Pay it Forward is a movie that every grade 8 class had to watch. The movie was about a boy named Trevor who had to make a difference in the world. He decides that he should help three people and they help another three people and those other people help three other people and it goes on and on and the numbers add up quickly.So the main porpose of all this acts of kindness is that the grade 8's want to make a difference in our community and the world.

Part 2
My Pay it Forward act of kindness to help our community and the world was to pick up trash around my street. Alex, lance and I went around the dominion st. and picked up trash. We tried our best to pick as much as we could find, we had a little bit under half a bag,before we got back to my house.

I chose this activity because whenever I walk to school I alway noticed theirs trash on the grass or on the curb.I also did this because a clean community is a happy one.

I helped my community, my neighbours and also my family.

I walked around my street picking up trash.

I did this act of kindness on November 14, 2011

Part 3
I think it went well but it was so cold.

Nothing really we just picked up trash around my street

I felt good because I knew we were doing good in our community and it warmed my heart even though the rest of my body was cold.

I didnt see any people outside to react.


I'm not really sure why I didnt tell the people ,I guess it Just slipped my mind.

Part 4

The idea of Pay it Forward is important to me because humanitys slipping from old times because before all neighbours knew eachother so its important to give reality a push to the good side and reconnect with good deeds.

yes, I think it did because as I said before a clean community is a happy one

My act of kindness has made difference because now the school is cleaner just like they wanted.


  1. Great job Philip! It's amazing to see a group of friends believing that we " children" can change the world one step at a time! Helping to pick up trash is a lot more helping than anyone thinks! It also take some brain power to stop and think of what belongs on and ground and what doesn't! Keep up the fantastic job Philip! Great job!

  2. Good Job Philip!
    You guys did good. Picking up trash is the most common thing but its the most thing that people should be doing! Keep it up, good job.

  3. Good job Philip! You guys did great. It's nice to see a group of friends doing a act of kindness by helping out the community.

  4. Great Job Philip, and the rest if your group too!
    I thought your act of kindness was great because you and your group helped our community to stay clean fresh!
    You could have also made this post stronger by answering these questions in better detail, adding colour, a few more pictures, and maybe a video!
    Other than that, GREAT job and don't think that after this assignment you don't have to pay it forward anymore, pay it forward keeps going on and on and we are hoping that our world becomes a better place!! :D