Sunday, November 13, 2011

Liam's pay it froword

Part 1.
Pay it forward
is a title of a movie that we,grade 8's were asked to watch. it is about this kid,Trever,and his hist
ory project. His teacher asked all the students to do something out of kindness and not taking something in return,making a difference to the world.Trever's idea was to help 3 other people , a stranger, to be precise and asking that person to do the same to three other people and as this cycle continues, the number of people that did an act of kindness gets larger and larger.

part 2.

the act of kindness act is that I went to the salvation army to donate all the clothes My mom and I went though all my drawers to find all the clothes that do not fit me any more. My dad drove me to the salvation Army to donate the clothes.

pay it forward is important that you can give to the unfortunate that people don't have everything I wanted to help the unfortunate people as I have have clothes to wear everyday.I just wanted to help a little..

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  1. Good job liam, you made a big difference. Your clothes probably made many people happy.