Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aaron's Graphing Post

1)Bar Graph The advantage- is best for comparing data across categories
The disadvantage- it's hard to determine the actual number

Double Bar Graph The advantage- is best for comparing two sets of data across categories
The disadvanta
- its difficult to know the exact number

Line Graph The advantage- is est for showing changes in data over time
The disadvantage- The exact amounts are not clear, depending on the scale

Circle Graph The advantage- is best for comparing categories to the whole using percent
The disadvantage- you have to change the number to percentage

Pictograph The advantage- is best best for comparing data that can easily counted and represented using symbols
The disadvantage- You have to multiply to determine the number.

2) Graphs can be misleading by:
a) bar graph (make it wider, different color and make it 3-D)
b) line graph( put a break in)
c) pictograph( make the less a bigger image)

3 a)The graph I would use is a bar graph and a line graph.

b)Yes i would continue because by over time it will get higher and higher. A line graph would be great to represent this is because a line graph shows change and by resulting it each week changes.

4 a) I would choose pictograph . The line graph has a big scale so the exact number is not clear and you would have to estimate the number



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