Sunday, November 13, 2011

Aaron's Pay It Forward

1) Pay It Forward is a movie that all of the grade 8's watched. The movie is about a kid named Trevor that has an assignment to change the world. So Trevor makes an idea to help 3 people that they can't do by them self and they tell three other people and it becomes bigger and bigger. For nothing in return instead its for helping people for kindness. One person can make one ginormous difference in the world, so one person can be kind and PAY IT FORWARD.

2) My act of kindness was to help my neighborhood by cleaning the environment and giving notes in the mailboxes. The reason I did this act of kindness is because I want people to throw away there garbage and not litter. I also did this because no one wants Global Warming to happen so that is why I cleaned my environment. The reason I did the notes is for them to know what I mean about cleaning the environment. I helped the people in my neighborhood by letting them know what pay it forward is and what they can do to help. The thing I did was clean about my area and give out some mail to let them know what to do. I did my act of kindness at November 13, 2011 on Sunday. We can all make a difference by spreading the word out. wanted to clean the environment

3) What I think is that I think my act of kindness went well. I went door to door and brought a garbage bag, but still it was super fun . I felt great handing the notes in the other peoples mailboxes and picking up the garbage with a handle. Yes because I told them to PAY IT FORWARD in the letter that I put in the mailbox. Um I didn't get to see the peoples faces because some weren't home and some were sleeping. The reason I didn't ask because no one was home or not sleeping.

4) I think PAY IT FORWARD is important because its something people do to do something really nice for a lot of people. You can change someones life by doing PAY IT FORWARD. It is not something you can do in a movie you can do it in real life too. I think my act of kindness made a difference because by showing people that you can clean up the environment and it shows they can do it too. That is why PAY IT FORWARD is important. Everyone should do PAY IT FORWARD because they can make a difference.


  1. Good Job Aaron you did an awesome job on your PAY IT FORWARD if I were to walk down your street I would probably know its your street because it would probably so clean and I bet the people that you put notes in their mail boxes are now aware of what PAY IT FORWARD is GREAT JOB!!!

  2. Hi Aaron!! Good choice for your Pay It Forward act of kindness! More people do need to know about what's happening and what's causing Global Warming because right now the earth is the only planet we can live on and once it's gone there's no bringing it back. Your Pay It Forward was very successful.

  3. To Aaron
    I liked your idea of putting letters in their mailboxes and telling them to Pay it Forward and what it means and how to do it. Your pictures and your paragraphs told me that you completed what you did even though people weren't there to read it because they weren't home or sleeping. The people who got your letter and cleaned the litter around their area are probably really happy that you're making a difference and they didn't have to clean around the area because you already cleaned it for them. But that's not the point, when they read the note, they should now pay it forward too and be thankful and I'm sure they are. What I learned from your experience is that giving out letters in peoples mail boxes and cleaning the environment already makes a lot of people aware of paying it forward and the idea of the letters is pretty neat instead of standing right in front of them and explaining what Pay it Forward is and why you do it even though that's a better choice but some people are shy. So good job Aaron, keep paying it forward (: