Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Priya's Pay It Forward

WHAT IS "PAY IT FORWARD"? "Pay It Forward" is a movie about a boy named Trevor that has an assignment to do all year, to make a difference in the world. Trevor's idea was to help 3 people for the act of kindness. Those 3 people Trevor help also help 3 other people, and it goes on and on. Trevor told them to "Pay It Forward". Trevor Payed It Forward too. By Paying It Forward, anyone can make a difference in the world by doing just one good thing.

WHAT WAS YOUR "PAY IT FORWARD" ACT OF KINDNESS? My act of kindness was donating toys at the Salvation Army with my dad.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS ACTIVITY? I choose this activity because I wanted to get rid of my old children/baby toys that I don't even play with anymore plus the toys that I donated, the money goes to families that are in need.
Example: Food, clothes, books, toys, drug help etc.

WHO DID YOU HELP? I helped people or families that are in need. I even helped children and babies that don't have a lot of money, they can buy my toys.

What I did was I donated my baby and children toys that I no longer play with anymore.

WHEN DID YOU DO YOUR ACT OF KINDNESS? I did my act of kindness on Monday November 14, 2011 sometime in the evening.

HOW DID YOUR ACT OF KINDNESS GO? My act of kindness went great.

WHAT HAPPENED? What happened is I went in Salvation Army and at first I didn't know where to put the bag of toys ( because I never donated anything from there before) so I asked the lady at the front counter and she told me to put it in the wagon so that's what I did.

HOW DID YOU FEEL? I felt proud too donate my used toys because I still made a difference even if I didn't do more. Doing one thing can still make a difference just like what I did. I only delivered the toys, so kids can buy my toys. Also, the toys I donated, the money goes to families that don't or can't afford any food or anything. I have made a BIG difference right there.

HOW DID THE PERSON OR PEOPLE REACT? The person that was working there did not react. She knew right away when I brought in the bag that she was expecting donations.

DID YOU ASK THE PERSON OR PEOPLE TO "PAY IT FORWARD''? No, I did not ask the lady to "Pay It Forward". The reason why is because she was already Paying it Forward by spending her time working at Salvation Army.

WHY IS THE IDEA OF "PAY IT FORWARD" IMPORTANT? The idea of "Pay It Forward" is important because by Paying It Forward, your helping someone or families.

HAS YOUR ACT OF KINDNESS MADE A DIFFERENCE? Yes, I think I have made a difference. I Payed It Forward.


  1. Good Job Priya! (:
    I like your act of kindness by helping other children and families. I think that donating your old toys is a great idea because most families just throw them out, which is a waste of money! I like how you answered all the questions given, but i think you should put more detail into them, not just answering it with one sentence. Also you couldve took more pictures at the Salvation Army! You couldve took a picture with the lady and maybe, you putting your toys in the wagon! I really enjoyed reading your blog! Great Job Priya! Keep it up(:

  2. Good Job! I think it was a really good idea to donate the toys you didn't want anymore instead of throwing it away. At least, some other family could also use the toys. Some of your responses were a bit short, though. You maybe could've put more details. Other than that, you did really well! Keep up the great job! :)

  3. Good Job Priya! That was a really great idea on donating your old baby toys to the Salvation Army instead of throwing it away. It will be good for those children who won't be able to afford toys. It was a good thing that you donated your toys so children will get to enjoy playing with them and have a normal child hood with having toys. One thing you were missing is that you didn't give enough details. But everything else seemed to be good. :) Great Job!

  4. Hey Pryia. Great job on donateing to Salvation Army.