Saturday, November 12, 2011

Paulo's Pay it Forward

Pay It Forward

Pay it forward is a movie that we grade 8 had to watch. The movie is about a kid named Trevor that his class was asked to think an idea that could change the world and put it into an action.So Trevor's idea was to help three people that but it has to be hard something that they cant do by there selves and they have to do it by three other people so it will be like a big chain .Instead of getting something nice in return they have to pass the act of kindness to other people .It is like starting with me and passed on to other people so it gets larger and larger .It was possible that one small idea actually made a large difference in the world and even now the movement is still going on we could make a difference by doing something kind to others or just paying it forward


Our act of kindness was giving note cards,candy,chocolate to our neighborhood .We did this act of kindness because if someone was having a really bad day or something tragic really happened by that card we could make them cheer up by complimenting them.We also mention in the card what pay it forward means and how they could the participate in the movement by just being kind and generous to others .We wanted to spread the phrase Pay it forward not just in our school we want to spread all around Winnipeg or maybe in the world .We did our act of kindness on November 8,2011 on a Tuesday after school .We all could make a huge difference in this world by just paying it forward or doing a act of kindness in someones life and remember it starts with you .PAY IT FORWARD


In my opinion it think our act of kindness went well because when we were mailing cards trough out our whole neighborhood nothing went wrong and it was just perfect and we had a lot of fun and excitement while we were handing out cards in mailboxes. I felt great handing all our cards and goodie bags to the houses because i know we were making a difference and doing an act of kindness to someones life. We did not see the peoples reaction to the note but we hope that that note cheered them up and we really hope that they pay it forward .


In my opinion the Pay it forward means really important because it means doing something nice to others with nothing in return that means generosity, kindness, and being nice. You can change someones life . It is not just a movie it is already happening in real life and even now the movement is still going on and it never stops . I think my act of kindness made a difference in someones life because you never know what is happening in their life right now and by giving them that card and goodie bag i could make them smile and forget about their problems for a little while. That is why Pay it forward is important.Lets all Pay It Forward lets make a difference in this this world. Always remember it always starts with you .



  1. Hey Paulo, great job on your act of kindness. I liked how you and Jairus took the time to make note cards,candy,chocolate to your neighborhood. Knowing that they might have a bad day but you guys did something that would make them smile again and knowing you guys are the reason why you made them smile(:. I loved how you said "You can change someones life" because by doing something want to do you can change someone's life. GOOD JOB you guys(:.

  2. Hi Paulo! Good job on your Pay it Forward! It was nice of you and Jairus that you gave your neighborhood candy, note cards and other items. Of you doing that for them it probably made them really happy, and made there day! Good Job !!!

  3. Hi Paulo, great job on your pay it forward! your idea were great because the neighborhood would really appreciate you and jiarus giving them cards, good job.

  4. Thanks you guys i apriciate the comment thank you so much:)