Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Correction post

Good job Jenifer Your scribe post is awesome and i like how you put a picture on every question so it makes your scribe post more understandable and what you putted on your picture i could read it well and i could understand how you got the answers and i also like how you put it in different colours to make your scribe post more noticeable .this is some of my opinion that you could have done well is that you could have added a link so people could learn more about mental math and you should have also added a video .

In my opinion i think Jenifer made a mistake on question 2

I think she made a mistake because I don't know were she got the five other grid because i think she was suppose to only use one grid to represent 5000 and i think the the calculation was right because when i tried calculating the question it was right i am just confused about this question were did she got the 5 other grids....... this how i did It

Anyways Good job at Scribepost It helped need me a lot :)


  1. Thanks Paulo. I did have trouble representing it on a grid. Thank you for explaining the right way. Great job on your correction scribe post!!

  2. Thanks Paulo! Even though I didn't get to see Jennifer's post, this still helped me because you pointed out the mistakes and I actually learnt from them. This also taught me to read carefully. Just make sure to use proper grammar and spelling, or check first before you post! Keep it up! (:

  3. Thanks Paulo for correcting Jennifer's post even though I didn't see the post. This helped me to learn from other people's mistake. Looking through your post I see spelling mistakes and wrong grammar. Double check your post before posting it.

  4. Wow, goodjob Paulo! You made really positve changed to make Jennifer's post or I mean help her and make the changes that she made a mistake on. With these corrections you made me learn from them also! Just double check your spelling and your grammer okay! well other than that goodjob! Paulo!