Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Abby's Pay it Forward

Part 1.

Pay it Forward was an inspirational movie the grade eight's had to watch. Pay it forward was about a boy named Trevor. He and his classmates was assigned a history project to make a change in the world and show action. Trevor's idea was too help three people, and to convince another three people would have to pass on and help another group of three people. Instead of having Trevor get something in return he would have the replay back of 'Pay It Forward.' By having to Pay it Forward he made a whole lot difference, just by having a small idea like this would turn it into a bigger idea to inspire other people to make a difference for someone else. Pay it Forward would be a type of movie that friends, families and teachers would watch because on that spec of a small idea from Trevor, would turn into a bigger project so that other people can become inspire to make a difference for someone else.

Part 2.

I did two things for my act of kindness.

1. My first act of kindness was I went too Winnipeg Harvest with Aicelle and Mary. I choose this activity because having to see some families not have meals 3 times a day inspired me to help. Having to hear children just sleep through there hunger and not have a meal for a day, makes me think that I'm such a lucky person to get fed 3 times a day with the food that I get fed. Having myself think that whatever I eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner that someone more important would need this kind of food to eat everyday. I helped Winnipeg Harvest to pack up the goods for the families that wouldn't have something to eat everyday. What I did at the harvest was Aicelle, Mary and I went to a station that applies four goods for families in need, we would have to put pasta, soup, some canned meat and another important good in a plastic bag to have ready for the families who cant afford the food. Another station we went to was sorting the potatoes to the boxes and getting them ready for the families so if there were any broken potatoes we would have to put them in a separate pile to give to the farmers. We did this act of kindness on Saturday, November 12 at around 9:00 to 12:00.

2. My second act of kindness was I fundraised money for the 'Ladybug Foundation' with Aicelle and Mary. I chose this activity because while the grade eight's were talking about what they were going to do for Pay it Forward not that much students had a plan on fundraising money to the foundations here in Winnipeg. So I planned to help the Ladybug Foundation which our very own Winnipeger Hannah Taylor founded. Reading her website on why she would like to help, what she did to make a difference for someone else, inspired me a lot! With the saying that a penny couldn't help because its just a cent, and it wont help a homeless person for shelter or food. Well in my saying, 'a cent is better than nothing.' Also seeing children in the Philippines brought up to my mind when some families would just sleep in the sidewalk for the night with a piece of cardboard and trying to sleep with nothing in there stomach and would try to pick out food in the garbage and just sleep it out just made myself think that a cent could already help someone out with some food and warm shelter. With the money Aicelle, Mary and I fundraised we already helped out the Ladybug Foundation to provide the shelter and food for the families in need. How we fundraised the money is that we bought cookies to bake, maynards to sell and the supplies we needed to make it more interesting for the families to buy our items. What we did is we went to my uncle's apartment to bake the cookies and get set up to sell them and sold the cookies around the rooms in the apartment for $1.50. We provided a big cookie and a chocolate chip cookie, or three cookies in the box we sold them for and made the amount at around $30-35 dollars buy selling the cookies. I also sold Maynard candy at school for $1.00 to help fundraise for the Ladybug Foundation and got the amount of $30.00! So all together we collected the amount of around $60-65 dollars! We did this act of kindness at Saturday, November 12 after we went to harvest and Sunday, November 13.

Part 3.

Both of my act of kindness went really well. Well the leaders of Winnipeg Harvest said when we were in the 'spirit room' was that was the biggest group to go for orientation and I was really happy to hear that. Also when I gave the donations to Mrs. Wilson to give to the office I was really proud of us for giving food and shelter for the families in need for the Ladybug Foundation to pass on. I was really proud of myself, for making a difference for someone else to experience a beautiful life like what I have today. Just to except a smile from them can make my day already, and I'm proud that I already did. Well when Mrs. Wilson mentioned that I was fundraising money for the Ladybug Foundation made my heart whelmed because I know that for a person like me wouldn't get to fund raise such money like that, but without the grade eight teachers inspiration I wouldn't have a chance to make a difference for so many people in need here in the city. I didn't get a chance to say 'Pay it Forward' because I know that many people would have the inspiration to help the people in need, not just by saying it, but also by 'showing it.'

Part 4.

The idea "Pay if Forward" is important because one spec of kindness from two or three people can already make a difference for one person or more. For a small act of kindness from you can already inspire other people in the word by not saying their going to do it, but showing that everyone can do it! In my opinion I know that my act of kindness made a difference. Why? Well, my act of kindness has some fund raising to do so without the people buying our item, we couldn't make a difference in the world, but showing that they care by buying our item, we aren't the only people who made a difference but also the people who helped us make a difference for the people in need. So without their help, we wouldn't be able to go this far in our project and spread our message 'Pay it Forward.'


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  2. Awesome job Abby! What you, Aicelle and Mary did was very thoughtful and nice. I wish I would've thought of that to do anyways your videos were very well done to it looks like you guys put a lot of effort into this project so AWESOME JOB!

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  4. Hi Abby! Your Pay It Forward project is very well done! You, Aicelle, and Mary really made a difference in those families lives who don't get 3 meals a day, when you volunteered at the Winnipeg Harvest! I like how you donated money to a foundation that most people didn't plan to raise money for. I'm sure the Ladybug foundation was really thankful for the donations you raised for them! I like the fact the even though you didn't get the chance to tell them to "Pay It Forward", instead of saying it, your group definitely showed it! The videos were very good. Great job to you, Aicelle, and Mary!! (:

  5. Great job abby! You guys really made a difference for those in need! I really love seeing your videos, very well done! You guys are such helpers in the community! The donations that you raised for the lady bug foundation was just out standing! I was just wondering if you told the people to " pay it forward"? Your group was out standing helpers! Keep it up! Great job you guys!