Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kyia's Pay it Forward

Part 1

What is pay it forward?
Pay it forward is a movie about a boy who has to try to make a to make a difference in the world a project his social study teacher gave him. Pay it forward to me is when you do a act of kindness and you don't want anything anything in return. the act of kindness doesn't even have to be something big it just has to make a different in someones life, and it should make you a better person.

Part 2

my act of kindness was me giving away cupcakes i made to Mr.Mark and Mr.Marquardson, i did this because they have helped me with my Volleyball and Basketball and they also help me become a better student and a person.Plus i wanted them to know that it really meant a lot to me all the help and support they have gave me so this was my way of saying thank you.

I choose to do this activity because i wanted Mr.Mark and Mr.Marquardson to know that there hard work and time means a lot to me because i love being in the gym but with them pushing me and wanted me to become a better payed in the long run.Another reason why i wanted to do this activity is because in a why they have payed it work to me and the only thing that they have asked for is for me to try my best so there time isn't going to waste, without them i would be at the level I'm at.The last reason i wanted to do pay it forward is that every feels like anything you do i making a different big or small and you never know what you have done has effected the person , school, community city, and even they world.

Well i guess i have helped myself know that you should always let someone know that there help time they put into you your thankful of it. And I'm really sure that by doing this they know how thankful am i of there work because when i gave them the cakes they had a big smile on there faces. The why they said "Thank You" put a big smile on my face because the seem really shocked because they weren't thinking i would do this but the surprise of it made it really special because no one thinks that there players are going to make them cupcakes and not want anything back that's the beauty of pay it forward.

What i did was make cupcakes for my really special and important coaches to show my respect for the

I did my act of kindness after practice because when you have gone though a long day why wouldn't you want some cupcakes to end your day as a little award of being the best coaches

Part 3

My act of kindness went great as a surprise to the coach so, they didn't know what i was doing and why they just respected the fact that it was a gift for them.!

Nothing really happened they just love the fact that i gave them the cupcakes and started practice to show that i still need to player to become better

i felled so proud of myself because i was giving back to coaches that have gave to me big and small.

They reacted really different like " wow Kyia I'm really greatful that you made this for Mr.mark

and " thank you Kyia, they taste really great" said Mr.Marquardson.

I told Mr.Mark and Mr.Marquardson to pay it forward, to go help someone and not want anything in return something they already do everyday and they are really good at it.

They reacted saying that they would love to!

Part 4

The idea for pay it forward is important because pay it forward is teaching you to become a better person. it give back help other with something big or small and not wanting anything in return.to show that you make help someone from the kindness of your heart.

My act of kindness has make a different because the coaches might not know how important there coaching is to us. So by me giving them cupcakes may have made a difference knowing that we care about their hard work.


  1. Great Job Kyia! (:
    I like the act of kindness that you chose because this really shows how thankful you are for them being your coaches!
    It also took a lot of work and effort to do this by yourself and it still turned out great!
    You could have maybe took pictures of when you gave Mr. Mark and Mr. Marquardson the cupcakes to make this even better!
    But other than that, really well done! (:
    Really great job Kyia! (:

  2. Awesome Job Kyia! I liked your act of kindness because you can enjoy the fun of making the cupcakes and make your coaches happy. I think this made your coach feel that they are appreciated. And your cupcakes look delicious!
    Good Job Kyia!

  3. Good job Kyia!. I liked your act of kindness because it is really generous to make cupcakes for somebody. Well done!.

  4. Jandrenn8-16

    Nice job!!! you did the act of kindness nice and you make your coaches happy by giving them a cupcakes, you could take a picture or video to make this better.

    Well done!!

  5. Great Job on your Pay it Forward Kyai!!
    That was really nice that you gave your coaches cupcakes!