Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jennifer's Pay it Forward

Part 1

What is Pay it Forward?

Pay it forward is a movement where you help 3 people and then those 3 people help 3 other people.

In the movie "Pay it Forward", a boy named Trevor had a Social Studies project where he had to think of an idea that will help change the world. He came up with the idea "Pay It Forward". He helped 3 people which also helped other people which is exactly what Pay It Forward is. You don't ask for anything in return BUT you ask them to help 3 other people. This then creates a big chain where people make differences in people's lives.

Part 2

1) My act of kindness was to deliver treat bags to kids in the Children's Hospital and clean up the community.

2) I chose to deliver treat bags to the Children's Hospital because when my sister was barely one years old, she was in a deadly condition of pneumonia. We came to the Children's Hospital because we knew we can trust them. As my family gave them the trust, they gave us back my little sister in a perfect healthy condition. Here was just one way we can pay them back for just being there to save people's lives.
I also chose to help clean up the community because having a clean community gives our area a good name and a clean community maybe a solution to prevent some crimes around our city.

3) We helped kids at the children's hospital, such as kids that have been in the hospital for quite awhile and children who been there for a small amount of time.
We helped people who live near, go to, pass by Sargent Park who go through seeing our community in a very ugly and dirty matter.

4) We made treat bags filled with candy, toys and little notes with random sayings that will make them laugh!
We prepared garbage bags and gloves for our clean up.

5) We cleaned up the community Saturday, November 12 and we created the treat bags Friday, November 11 to November 12 and delivered the treat bags at Monday, November 14.

Here are some pictures of us in action for our act of kindness!

A variety of toys, candies and notes inside the treat bags!

Working hard on the treat bags!

After working very hard on the treat bags, here's the final product! (64 treat bags!!!)

As we deliver our treat bags to Children's Hospital.

Here are some pictures of when we cleaned the community!

And after picking all the garbage we found, we finally threw out the garbage bag!

Part 3

1) Our act of kindness turned out to be a very good experience! It wasn't easy at first but we ended up finishing it the way we planned.

2) Before we can do act on the treat bags, we needed to contact the hospital to make sure that we are allowed to do this. We created a letter to send to the hospital to get there permission. I was getting nervous and yet it started to nerve-racking. We waited awhile for a response but then The Community Development Coordinator gave us permission to do the act of kindness. We finally then started buying all the things we needed such as the candy, treat bags, toys, and many more. We then put hours of our time to create the treat bags. We went to the hospital and gave the treat bags. We then received a certificate for our hard work.
Since we had time on our hands, we cleaned up around Sargent Park School. We had gloves and a garbage bags and then started picking up garbage. When we were done we threw the garbage bag into the dumpster.

3) After doing all of this, I felt very good inside. Instead of playing games or sleeping, I decided to make a difference. It just gives me this thought that doing all this work, I know it will pay off. After hearing that what we did made people smile, it just made me feel like nothing is impossible!

4) People reacted with much joy and happiness. I know I saw some people who walk by just stare and wonder about what we did. The kids loved them and smiled a lot!

5) Yes, we did as people to Pay it Forward.
- The lady reacted very pleased with what we did and seems like she wants to make a difference to!

Part 4

The idea "Pay it Forward" is important because if just one person does it a difference will already be done. It's very important because this idea is one possible way to change the world, to make it this world equal and for everyone to live a happy life!
I think my act of kindness made a difference because making treat bags for kids not only made them happy but made them forget that they are sick which made them feel the joy of just being a kid. I think cleaning up the community made a difference because even though we only cleaned a small area, it can lead to a clearer Earth.


  1. Good Job Jennifer!
    I like how you guys made treat bags for the children who's "been there for a small amount of time".You guys worked hard for making a difference. I hope you guys won't stop making a difference.keep up the good work :)

  2. Good job! Picking up garbage and giving gifts to people are wonderful ideas! Everyone benefited from this. Kids in the hospital probably started smiling because of that! When you were cleaning up, that made a difference to people because it makes our area more eye catching. Thinking it's a clean place, attracting people to live here. Yes, I know it was just a small area, but still. It made a difference! I learned that you can have fun while you are picking up garbage! I'm going to start doing that with my friends. Thank you for sharing! (: Good job!

  3. Thanks for the comments you guys! I'm glad that you guys also thought it was a great idea to do. Kids from the hospital were smiling! It was a great experience!