Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jennifer's Percent Scribepost

Today in class, we started off with mental math questions.

One of the questions was...
63% of 90
Here's one way to get the answer:

* Remember to use a easy pathway that you can do it in, but one pathway can not include using a calculator!

So here's what we did after the mental math today.

30% of 100 is represented as.......

How about the 100 grid is worth $30.00? (100= $30)
Here's how we would show it....

Let's say that $52.65 is what the whole grid is worth what would 1 square be?

Okay! Well here was the homework for today!

1) 350% of 10

2) 0.1% of $5000

3) 160% of $53.27

4) 3/4 of 135

5) 55.8% of 500

Here's a game you might enjoy!


  1. Great job Jennifer! I liked all your pictures and by the look of it, it looks like you worked really hard on it. I liked how you had very clear pictures and they are colorful too, just like your fonts. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you made a mistake on #4 on the homework. I'm not really sure, but I think you added an extra step in the end when you divided 101.25 and 75 by 100. I don't really get why you did that because wouldn't it make 75% into 0.75%, and aren't we just trying to find 75% of 3/4 of 135, not 0.75 ? Correct me, if I'm wrong, I was just wondering. That question caught my attention. Anyways, overall great job Jennifer ! Keep it up ! (:

  2. Hi Jennifer I like your scribe post. I like how you put the pictures to explain each of the answers and questions. I like how you answer the questions that Mr. Harbeck gave. It's great that you made it different colours, but you could have made the font more bigger. Its great how you did step by step to find each answer. In the questions he gave us its great that you showed it different ways to find it. Its great that you made your pictures different colours too. For 63% o 90 you should have shown it the different ways that he showed us instead of 1 way. For the $30 and 30% you could have shown how much 1 square was worth. You could have put a link and a video of showing how to find the percent of the whole number. Well your scribe post was great

  3. Good job Jenifer Your scribe post is awesome and i like how you put a picture on every question so it makes your scribe post more understandable and what you putted on your picture i could read it well and i could understand how you got the answers and i also like how you put it in different colours to make your scribe post more noticeable .this is some of my opinion that you could have done well is that you could have added a link so people could learn more about mental math and you should have also added a video .


  4. Hey Jennifer Your scribe post was great. It really helped that you put a picture for every question to help us understand your post better. It was also nice that you put the answer to the question Mr.Harbeck gave us. You showed us how to get their in different ways and had pictures for them as well. Something that helped your post pop out was that you used different colors. One thing you could of done was make your font a little bigger. You found out each answer step by step which I found very helpful. It was nice that you showed us how to get too 63% of 90 but you could of showed us in other ways too. And also when you showed how much $30 of 1 hundred square you could of told us the value of one square which is 0.3. You also could have put a video and a link to help us understand your post even more. Awesome job Jennifer.

  5. Great scribepost Jennifer! I like how you explained your answer using pictures. Your answers are great and very understandable. The nicest thing about your post is..its really colourful! But you could of bold, change font and size to make even more better! For number four(350% of 10), i have another way to solve it.. Find the 100% first, which is 10. Then multiply it by 3 to get 300% (10 x 3 = 30)... Now you got 300% of 10, which is 30, and you only have to find 50% of it. To find the 50%, you only have to divide it by two.. (10 \ 2= 5)... Then add 300% of 10 (30) and the 50% of 10 (5)...30 + 5 = 35 is 350% of 10. Im not saying that your answer is wrong. You aswer is really great, i like how you started at 100% then made it to 1% ! Im just showing another way to solve it. :)  Here's a fun game and a video to make even more understandable. Video: http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=CA#/watch?v=IQyF3gLytnA   Game : http://www.funbrain.com/penguin/index.html

  6. great post Jennifer! very accurate. liked how you expressed your opinions through pictures and all that. . and i agree with everyone else. . the fonts were a little small for us to see. . and also i have a question. .do we really have to use a t-chart to find the answer? cause the t-chart really confuses me. .(thats just my opinion)
    but anyway. . the post was great!

  7. Great Job, Jennifer! I like how your pictures turned out and I've noticed that you typed in little details and made detailed pictures. My opinion is that you should balance them out equally so your pictures don't look jumbled. On the "How about the 100 grid is worth $30.00?" line, put in brackets (100% of grid = $30) just in case if someone gets confused. I see that you have other grids beside the 100 grid, it looks a bit, confusing so it might have been easier separating the grids from the t-chart (make 2 pictures instead of 1). I'm not sure but is 3/4 supposed to be 0.75? A decimal? I made it into 75%. After checking you're absolutely correct, thank you! Also, was it supposed to be 160%? I put in 1.60%, I guess I should be making it into 160% just in case. For number 5 (homework) I divided 100 by 10 (=10). Then divided 10 by 10 (=1), then divided 1 by 10 (=0.1) To make it easier for some people. Then just multiply 0.1 by 8 to make 0.8%. Great Job on your scribe post.

  8. Wow, thanks for all the comments you guys! I know I made lots of errors, and I wasn't sure about some of the homework questions either. I'll go make my corrections!
    Oh yeah, and I did forget to put a video or link, I'll just go add one. Thank you once again you guys, next time I know what I'll do to make a better scribe post!

  9. cool post jenifer I like the pictures and the game is cool, and you made your post so interresting but next time add a video

  10. Hey Jennifer,
    Good job. I like how you put lots of pictures in this post and you had colour to draw the readers interest.Next time in my opinion you should add a video because it could help people understand more.

  11. Sorry Jennifer my comment is late but
    Good Job! I liked that you changed different colours. I also liked that you added a picture. But one thing, you might want to put up a video ( I know that it is hard sometimes to have a video for a certain topic... But always try your best ) here's a video that you might want to add in your post ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQyF3gLytnA&feature=related ) I know that this might not be the way we do it, but it might help people. Its okay if you don't want to use this but watch it first okay? Overall you did a great job and keep up the good work :)

  12. Way to go Jennifer!! I like the pictures you used .. i also like how its interesting because you added colour. The information helped me alot along with the video :) keep up the great work.