Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lance's Graph Post

1)Bar Graph:
Advantages: The advantage of this graph is having not to change the data to a percent or other things
Disadvantages  You will need to make the intervals equal              

Double Bar Graph:
 Advantages: You can compare two sets of data together
Disadvantages: You will have to make the intervals equal

Circle Graph:
Advantages: You can compare sets of data using a percent
Disadvantages: You will need to change the data to a percent

Line Graph:
 Advantages: You can show the data changing over time
Disadvantages: You will need to make the lines straight and intervals equal

Advantages: You can show sets of data that is like a bar graph
Disadvantages: You can mess around with the data to make one look larger

2)Make one of the bars larger than the other

Break in the y-axis

Color one differently

2A) I would use bar graph and line graph to show this information accurately
2b)Yes I would continue because it shows that every week the sales are increasing which means the trend is going up

4)If i were to convince Mrs. Mota I would choose the line graph because it shows that the trend is going up which means that the sales of healthy food choices are increasing or decreasing

4a)For the Line Graph I would change the intervals so instead of going up by 5 I would go up by 2 to make the trend look like its increasing more
For the Pictograph I would change what the amount of 1 heart is so instead of 1 heart represents 4 sold I would make it like 1 heart represents 2 sold to make it look longer

Heres a Video that helps you understand more about bar graphs

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