Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joy's Pay it Forward

Part 1:
Pay it Forward is about this boy named, Trevor had an assignment for the whole year. Is try to make difference. Trevor came up. To help three people then they help other three people and just pass it on. Trevor tried 3 different people his friend, a stranger and, his teacher but it didn't work at all. And in the end Trevor died because he saved his friend's from bullying. Then Trevor ideas just pass on.

Part 2:
My act of kindness I tried to clean the school side walk and I donated candy and other stuff for the children's hospital with 2 people. I choose to donate for the children's hospital because me and the other people decided that after Halloween we can donate our candy instead of eating it and buy some if there's not enough candy and just bought some stuff. And we decided to clean the side walk of the school because we decided some other stuff but we decided we could clean the side walk instead. I help children who has cancer and other sickness and we help to clean the school. We bought some candy and stuff then put it to a little plastic and for the side walk we just bring gloves and garbage bag. I did my act of kindness at November 14 2:00 pm and Monday after school we went to give the donation.

Part 3:
My act of kindness was good the lady from the children's hospital was so nice to us and she was so great full for us donating and she give us a certificate for helping out. When we went to the hospital they said it was really helpful to help them out and for the school side walk I just did my job. I felt when I was doing pay it forward I was really proud of myself because I made a difference at least,and so happy like what I did. The lady from the hospital was so shock because we donate a lot of things to help the children. We ask the lady from the children's hospital to Pay it Forward and just talk about it. When we requested the lady acted happy because were helping them for the children's hospital.
Part 4:
I think Pay it Forward is a really good idea because it could help a lot of people starting with one. My act of kindness made a difference for the community and for the children.

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  1. Great job Joy! i really like your pictures especially when you did 2 act of kindess. How long does it take to do 1 act of kindness?