Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paulo's Proportion Post

Task 1

-An equation which state state that two ratio is equal.

Ratio- (part to part )compares different parts of groups to each other .

Rate-A comparison of two quantities measured in different units.

Task 2

1) 5 hours to travel 360 miles is about 72 mph

------- Answer and explanation to the question

2)As a playgroup worker, if I increase the amount of apple juice I am serving at the playgroup from 25 ml to 100 ml, how much should I increase the the orange juice to, to keep the quantities in the same proportion? The orange juice is 50 ml to start with.

Multiply the orange by 2 to get same amount as the apple

Answer and explanation is in the picture:)

Task 3

What are the three ways you can prove that equivalent ratio statements are true?
3/4 = 12/16 or 4/9 = 16/32

1st way

Multiplying diagonally(Diagram on the picture)


2nd way

Doing ti Horizontally (diagram on the picture)

3rd way

Doing it vertically( Diagram is on the side)

Task 4

Does this seem fair? With what you know about proportion look and read what is in the image below. Does it seem just? What would you have done if you were the judge? I welcome your comments.

1)Does it seem fair?... in my opinion i think it is not fair !!

2) With what you know about proportion look and read what is in the image above. Does it seem just and fair? Why have you made this choice?

What i think is that i think it is not fair at all because Roy Brown robbed the bank and only stole $100 because he was hungry and after a day he turned his self in cause he thinks it not right but he gets 15 years in jail .In the other hand Paul .R Allen is going to jail for only 3 years and got sentenced for a 3billion FRAUD ! It is not fair because it dosent make sence why would a homeless guy go to jail for 15 years and steeling only 100 dollars in a bank and turn his self in after a day but a guy that did a 3BILLION FRAUD only go to jail in 3years.For me this is just DISCRIMINATION and RACIST ...... I feel so bad to the homeless man ... I think some one should do something about it and i hope this will never happen again cause it is just WRONG

3)What would you have done if you were the judge?

If i was in the judges position I will put Paul Allen to jail for at least 20 years. Why? because he did a 3billion fraud which means a lot of money and for the homeless guy i will let him go to jail for at least 3 years even lesser because the guy stole only 100 dollars in a bank and he was nice enough to turned his self in . I would made this decisions because i want to be fair to each person in the world and i don't like judging people because that is just discrimination an racist and i want each people to have their own rights.

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