Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Philips scribe post

Today in class we looked at deals and which one was the best offer for stores.
They were store A and store B.
Both store A and B sold boots. This takes place on boxing day.

store A storeB what I did for: StoreA Store B
boots boots First I First I
$165.00 $165.00 divided divided
Discount Discount 165 by 2 165 by 4
of of to get 82.5 to get 41.25
50% 25% than I multiplied
Day after that by 3
boxing day to get 75%
Discount which is
of 123.75
25% The after boxing day
off original price is 123.75 divided
boxing day by 4 which is 30.9375
price than I multiplied by
three to get 92.8125
So you tell me which is the better price
82.5 or 92.8125 and of course it is store A.


  1. Good job philip I liked that all the information was correct. Next time you should add a link, pictures, color and a video.

  2. Great Job Philip! I like the how you showed your answer. And information. But next time you should add pictures, colour, link, and a video. Anyway Good Job.

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  4. Good job Philip! I like how you explained everything and everything was correct except you should of added pictures because it would make it more easier to understand. You would maybe want to add a video and some colour too. Good job though.

  5. Good job Philip. I like how you wrote down your thinking, but maybe you should have separated them to make it more clearer. It looks all jumbled, maybe you should have numbered them and explained how you got your answer more efficiently with the question so I knew what you were talking about. Also, maybe some colours and bolded words to make it more exciting? I'm glad you did your bog post Philip, but maybe you should have also added some pictures to show your understanding and also a video and a helpful link or game link to go with it. I hope this comment helps you next time you do a scribe post! Good job anyways Philip (=