Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jaydin's Scribe Post

Page 149, Question 7
A herd of 100 caribou was moved to a new location. The population increased be 10% the first year, and increased be 20% the second year.

A)Find the population after the second year

B) Explain why the percent wasn't 30% increase in two years
There wasn't a 30% increase because it goes up by 10% each year
Page 148, Question 4
Chris purchased the following items
2 binders at $4.99 each
1 math set for $3.99
a backpack for $19.99

4.99x2= $9.98
33.96x1.12=$38.0352 then you round it so it equals to $38.04
Use hundred grids to show
a)0.4% b)12% c)115%

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