Sunday, December 11, 2011

Joy's Scribe Post

Page 149
9. A herd of 100 caribou was moved to a new location. The population increased by 10% the first year and then increased by 20% the second year.
a.) Find the population after the second year.

The population after two years is 132 caribou.
b.) Explain why there was not a 30% increase in population over the two years.

The increase is not 30% because the 20% increase in the second year is based on the new population after 10% increase in the first year.

Chapter Review
4. How many hundred grids are needed to show each of the following percents?



9. Copy and complete the following table. The first row is done for you.

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  1. Great job Joy! Your scribe post was very clear and understandable to read. I liked it because you copied down the question and also explained your thinking in pictures. You also separated the first year and second year in your pictures for the first question. Maybe next time you should bold your answer just to make it a little more cool looking. And also, I recommend some colours so it could catch our attention too! For showing how many grids you will need in order to show each of the following percents, I liked how you took pictures of that too and coloured them in, not just highlighted it or coloured in regular pencil. Finally, I like how you got all the answers right in finding the percent, decimal, and fraction part, but maybe you should have let us know how you got that answer? Other than that, I found it accurate and easy to read. One more thing, a game or a video? Keep up the good work Joy! (=